The holiday weekend

Remember this little guy?

Well, in just a few months, he’s going to be three years old.  In doggie years, that will be 21!  He’s growing up so fast.  We went for a really long walk yesterday with his cousin Kali, whom he adores.  It was misty and wet all morning, but that was okay, because it was also Towel Day, and we didn’t panic.  We just walked and had a great time.  We did discover, however, after we got home, that Ozzie had ventured off and rolled in something that smelled like dead fish while I was busy chatting with my fellow walkers.  He needed a bath last night.  No problem.  It was a lovely evening.  The sun had come out in the afternoon, so we played ball and he took a dunk in his swimming pool in the back yard.  This morning, he’s pooped out on the couch, looking depressed because it’s grey and cloudy out.  Little does he realize that those are just morning clouds, and we are in for another sunny day.  I’m going to finish up a few chores and quietly sneak into my sock and shoes.  Then we’ll go for a nice walk in the park and probably play some ball.  Ozzie knows that when I go through the trouble of putting on socks and shoes, it means we’re going somewhere.  Otherwise, I putter around barefoot or with slippers on.  Socks and shoes is serious business.

Then it’s home for more sewing, more quilting, some yard work, more laundry, and sorting through some old clothes.  Time to take a batch of stuff I never wear to Goodwill or St. Vinnie’s.  I’ve also discovered that our St. Vinnie’s takes styrofoam for recycling.  Good thing too, because I’ve got a bunch of it stacked up in the garage.  I just couldn’t bear to throw that stuff into the landfill.  Have you ever seen styrofoam being made?  I remember in 5th grade, Mrs. Wishnesky’s class, Nancy Ceretta brought in a cardboard box and two jars of liquid her father had given her.  When she poured them both into the box, it filled with styrofoam.  Good grief – I wonder what fumes we were all exposed to in the process?  Ah, but I digress.  I want to get that stuff out of my garage!  I think this will be a good spring cleaning weekend with my faithful buddy by my side.  You do realize I didn’t want a dog, don’t you?  I got talked into it.  I nearly gave him away when he was a small pup because he drove me to distraction.  Now I can’t stand it when he’s not there.  It’s really nice to have a loving companion.


4 thoughts on “The holiday weekend

  1. Ooooh. He was so cute!! Lola has the knack of knowing just when walkie time is on as well. Also, Abby is 3 and 3 year old doggies are way way better than 3 year old people. They just seem so settled at that age. Old enough to know better and young enough to love life.
    It seems you are finally feeling better. I am glad. Have fun!

    • I am finally starting to feel well. A bit of crud in the lungs in the morning, but once I’m up and moving I’m really so much better. Now all I need is come bright sunshine to make me feel great. The sun waited will 6:00 p.m. to show up today!

  2. Oh my goodness Linda, how could you have not loved that face? LOL He is still a handsome boy. So glad to “see” you feeling better. I was worried there for awhile that you might have ended up in the hospital. It was a while since we heard from you. It’s good that you have Ozzie keeping you up and moving, even when you don’t feel like it. 😉 Sara

    • He is a lovable little guy. When I go on my retreats and can’t take him, I really miss him. My doctor impressed on my long ago that if you stop moving, it’s easy to end up staying that way. I have to be practically dead to not get up (there have been a few days when I won’t go out), but I usually manage to drag myself out into the clean air for at least a little while. I’m very happy to be feeling better!

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