I’m baaack!

Well, semi-sorta-kinda.  I’m home from my quilting retreat at Silver Falls, which would have been wonderful, but I sat next to a newbie with no sense of humor, and she not only thought I was on drugs or drunk all the time, but she complained that I was coughing all over her, which I took great pains not to do, so I was sorta bummed.  I got prescription cough syrup almost a week before leaving for retreat and, even though I wasn’t feeling 100%, and would cough in the mornings, I had no other symptoms — no fever, no mucus, no sneezing, etc., so I thought if I went and took my meds and stayed in my little corner, I could still enjoy the trip and everything would be okay.  Remind me not to do that again, okay?  Or, remind me that no matter what, I need to sit near my friend Joyce, as she was aptly named and brings out the joy in each and every day.  She was across the room from me this time and I missed not being near her.  I’m so much better than I was for all those weeks.  I no longer feel as though my ribs are broken, but I admit that I’m not 100% — I just can’t seem to get all my air and I swear I could sleep as soon as I sit down in a chair.  I am, however, doing my best to keep moving.  The pup and I are about to head out for our daily walk, and when I return I will take up where I left off on the 1512 half-square triangles for Mike’s quilt.  I think I have at least 756 of them made and I’ve begun to sew most of them together.  I have stacked up the blocks for the first quarter of the quilt and have enough (I think) for the second quarter.  We’ll keep going.  Who knows?  Maybe this can go into MQX in the daily bed category before going to Mike?

In the meanwhile, here is a pic of the crew at Silver Falls, out in our idyllic setting, on Saturday evening before dinner:

That’s me over on the right, aiming the remote shutter release at the camera.  I’ve got to find ways to be more discrete!

P.S.  I forgot to mention that most of the gals in the group assured our newbie that I was not drunk or on drugs.  I’m just (as you all know) one of those people who opens their mouth and then is responsible (or irresponsible) for whatever comes out.  I generally just go with the stream of consciousness, and I think she couldn’t handle it.  Oh well!  Watch where you sit!


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