Well, I think I may have waited too long to call the doctor back.  I had that horrible pain in my chest and lungs last week and it started to go away, so I figured I was on the mend.  The sinus stuff has all but cleared up and I figured I was in the clear.  Yesterday when I got up, I could barely move.  Every twist and turn or just getting up and down from a chair was really bad.  Preparing to blow my nose and then doing it created enough pressure to make me feel like my right lung would explode.  😦  I finally gave in and called the doctor’s office.  I now have prescription cough syrup, cough pills, and an inhaler, but I’m still not moving all that fast today.  I’m still battling through this damn thing though.  Ozzie and I decided to go out for a walk on the power canal and Walterville Pond yesterday.  Much more scenic than the streets of Eugene.  I didn’t do too badly in the car, but within the first half mile of the walk, I so wanted to turn back.  I couldn’t walk without wincing.  I decided I had to do it though, and we made it.  Probably a total of about 4.5 miles, as we parked at the power canal instead of my sister’s.  She has out-of-town company, so we didn’t want to interfere.

The pain is still pretty sharp today.  I have, however, managed laundry, cleaning the kitchen, another walk with the dog (probably only 3 miles today), and a nice nap in the adirondack chair in the shade in the backyard.  The weather here is just gorgeous.  I did want to go right back to sleep when I woke up, but I’m getting my second wind (a little difficult through squeaky lungs), and I think I’ll do some sewing.

While I was waiting for my prescriptions last night, I sort of browsed around the store, and was going to buy some more chicken soup to help my situation, as I finished all the stuff I made at the outset of this plague, including all the containers I froze.  I cannot believe all the chemicals in chicken soup at the store!  I just couldn’t buy it.  No way I’m putting that stuff in my body.  I recommend you all really read the labels on the things you eat.  Try your best not to eat anything that comes in a package.  Natural food is much better.  Okay, off my soap box.  I’m off to get a little more done today!


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