Honey I’m home!

Ah, what a wonderful time I had.  The quilts, the friends, the classes, the friends, the vendors, the friends . . . MQX was a blast.  I learned how to color quilts with dry pigments and fabric medium from Sherry Rogers-Harrison.  The class was so fun.  I knew several people in the class and we all had the best time.  I learned how to do new and cool things with my Intelliquilter, embroidery techniques, great borders without having to turn the quilt on the frame after having done the top and bottom borders.  I also learned how to do some new and groovy but not usual borders, that one might use for the newer Kaffe Fasset or Amy Butler-type quilts.  Could be really psychedelic, who knows?  Lots of playing with line and path patterns.  I bought myself the most comfortable pair of shoes – ruby slippers.  A marvelous pair of Dansko clogs in Marbelized Ruby Patent.  Woo hoo.  Stylin’ to be sure.  Wait till Ozzie and I hit the yellow brick road.

We then went to Connecticut to visit my aunts – my mother’s two remaining sisters.  It’s always lovely to see them, but this visit was a bit sad.  My Aunt Ethel’s health is beginning to decline.  She has diabetes and doesn’t much care about watching her diet, so she has some issues with her legs and doesn’t walk well.  She’s up at all hours of the night and she fell one morning while we were there.  My Aunt Irene lives downstairs and had a bad cold while we were there (my sister Ginny and I managed to bring that home with us) and she didn’t hear Aunt Ethel.  I ended up having to pick Aunt Ethel up off the floor.  I doubt my Aunt Irene would have managed to get Aunt Ethel up anyway.  I’m not sure what the solution is there.  Obviously, Aunt Ethel needs better care.  Aunt Irene is in pretty good shape, but not enough to be picking up another family member who may occasionally fall.  I think Aunt Ethel will resist assisted living but, she is a life of the party type gal, and she would get along well if she were to find a nice place.  I think my cousin Mike could find a decent place for her and she might actually be happy.  Aunt Irene might like to live with her daughters in California. They do have some first alert monitors, but I’m worried they are not as effective as they should be.

We then headed out to Cape Cod to my sister Barb’s house.  We had a nice time walking, sewing, coloring, cooking, sampling wines, walking on the beach, etc.  We finally got out to Chatham, where my sister’s friend Lorraine has some great linens in an antique shop.  I selected a few to use in some quilts ala Cindy Needham, if I get brave enough.  On our last day, we got up before the crack of dawn and drove to Boston to babysit for my great nephew Logan Benson.  What a cutie, and, I must say, this kid has great taste.  He absolutely loved me.  The just glommed onto me from the get-go and wanted me to pick him up and carry him around.  He was lots of fun.  He was fast asleep when we parted.


2 thoughts on “Honey I’m home!

  1. Glad that you had a great time, and that you are back safe and sound. Sorry to hear about your Aunties. It is so hard to watch our elders decline, and know what to do for them. Hope that a solution is found for them. Love to see a pic of those ruby slippers! LOL sound fun!

    • Thanks Sara – this is one of the hard things about living so far away from my aging relatives. Irene has two daughters, but they are both also on the west coast. I worry about the situation.

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