Catching my breath

Phew!  More business (or is that busy-ness?) with the mundane for the past week.  We have decided that the tablet for my Intelliquilter is fried.  Apparently, the company that turns tablet PCs into IQs, Tablet Kiosk, got a bad batch in last summer.  This resulted in a small number of said tablets being made into IQs.  I got one of them.  These tablets not only have a problem in the circuitry that causes a failure between the touchscreen and the software, but they overheat and it fries the internal parts which breaks down interaction with the software.  And here I thought I was just going crazy!  Anyway, in my rush to finish up some customer quilts and quilt my MQX challenge quilt, I really fried this puppy.  In their usual manner of outstanding customer service, IQ will be replacing my tablet with one of the same model but, hopefully, one whose guts will not fry.  It should be here tomorrow.  I am so grateful.  I have six quilts to push out the door before heading off to MQX East, but four of them are baby quilts, and I should be able to get them done.  Today I just need to archive my designs and settings and send my error logs to Intelliquilter, so they can see the glorious record of disaster as I tried to quilt the piece that will be hanging at MQX.  Thankfully, it will not be judged, and I hope those of you who will be there will not look too closely.  I couldn’t get my changes and realignments to save soon enough and the tablet would freeze and I’d have to start over, so I’ve got gaps and non-aligned starts (generally not something that happens with IQ), so it’s a bit funky.  Here are a few pics.  For those un-initiated in the quilt world, the picture of the back will look very odd because it has a hanging sleeve at the top and a label at the bottom right.




This is not a very exciting quilt.  It is for a challenge called Neutrals Fusion.  We were all sent eight fat quarters of neutral fabric and had to make a quilt which consisted of six nine patches and six snowballs, surrounded by a one-inch border of contrasting fabric of our choice and a 5″ border of neutral fabric.  We were allowed to add one neutral of our own.  The quilt had to be quilted with neutral thread except for inside the 1″ colored border and could have no bling except in that colored border.  It was to be all about the quilting.  So, mine is — it was supposed to be about how well I could line up all those fancy designs, but oh well.  It’s still an okay little quilt with a few problems.  I’ll let it hang anyway.

Now I need to do my taxes before they throw me in the clink when I get home!


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