Busy doing nothing!

Just popping in to let you know that I’m still alive.  Life just seems to be very busy with nothing in particular lately.  We had an amazing 7.5″ of very heavy wet snow in Eugene on Wednesday, which brought down almost half of my huge silver maple tree in the back yard onto the roof of my back deck.  Ozzie loved romping in the snow.  I was in a big rush to finish a few customer quilts when I got back from retreat.  They are done and returned to their owners.  I’ve been out for walks and off to a longarm group meeting in Portland, along with some shopping at Fabric Depot and Ikea.  Now I need to finish up a neutrals fusion challenge for MQX East.  It’s pieced and ditched, just needs to be quilted, but my IQ is acting up and . . .  horror of horrors, I may have to actually quilt this thing myself!  Ack!  I apparently have an IQ tablet with known issues that has communication failure between the tablet screen and the software.  Quilting a sweatshirt jacket on Thursday, which should have taken about an hour, took five!  I had my first martini in ages after that.  Anyway . . . no rest for the wicked, so the WWW must be off.  Fly . . . FLY!!!!!


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