Phew, am I whooped!

Well, I have a little of my energy back.  Or, should I say, I’m trying to pretend I have a bit of my energy back?  I had a really busy day today, and things won’t slow down all that much for some time.  I got up fairly early (think about 7:30), had coffee, read emails, visited a few blogs, and went upstairs to quilt.  The quilt on the frame has been kicking my butt, but it’s almost done.  I have some SID and CC to do on it — something I normally would have done at the very beginning, but that wasn’t the plan for quilting, and had to be added later on.  I have the borders designed and the corner elements in, just have to get them in but I figured I’d best do the SID on the small inner border first.  I worked on that till lunch time, then came down, threw the ball for the dog (it was another glorious day, and I so wanted a walk, but it couldn’t be fit in), had some lunch, ran down to Harbor Freight for a few quilting tools, stopped at BiMart for some spray starch, and came home to finish trimming the 264 HSTs I need for the feathered star class with Marsha McCloskey tomorrow.  I’m doing a triple feathered star, so I needed to be really precise.  I’ve been pressing, starching, squaring.  It’s amazing how long all that stuff takes.  I got home, finished loading the dishes, turned the dishwasher on, and headed back upstairs to the studio.  I’ve been preparing all the stuff for class this afternoon and evening.  Finally just loaded everything in the car.  It’s 11:40 and I am just spent.  Ozzie will go have a play date with Kallie tomorrow.  My brother will have no one to bite him when he arrives tomorrow to do a little work on the house, and I will be quilting away (if I’m not passed out on the table) at Our Sewing Room in Springfield.  I’ll have to leave class a bit early, as I need to meet a client who wants a quick all-over done.  I’ll get to it as soon as I pop the current quilt off (tomorrow night, maybe?) and then quilt a quilt for Jane.  Then the new client’s quilt, hopefully before I run off to retreat on Thursday.  Oh!  And I have to clean the house for the house/dog sitter before Thursday too.  Oy!  I don’t know how I’ll get it all done, but I’m exhausted, and I’m going to bed right now!!  Good night!


4 thoughts on “Phew, am I whooped!

  1. I feel your pain! I am doing the juggle this week so I can be gone next week at a wonderful retreat that I need oh so badly!! It is difficult with my Fibromyalgia trying to rear its ugly head!!! Enjoy your time away!!

    • Thanks Becky – enjoy your retreat too. I’m off to Oregon Health Sciences University tomorrow (well, actually today, I guess) to see if they can figure out what’s ailing me. I’ve been feeling a bit like I’ve been hit by a bus lately. I’ve gotta get it together!

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