A magical day

I love my neighborhood.  I live in a hippie-central part of Eugene, known as the FAN — Friendly Area Neighborhood.  Ozzie and I left for our walk at noon.  The weather station (our receiver is in the shade out on the back porch) said it was 48°F, but the guy next door was power washing the moss off his roof without a shirt on (nah – he’s too young and skinny), so I decided to head out in just a sweatshirt over my tshirt and jeans.  Phew!  Really glad I didn’t wear my parka.  It is so freakin’ nice out there!  There is a house I pass almost every day on Madison Street where the tree (not a conifer) in the front yard is just loaded with ornaments.  Not strictly Christmas-type ornaments, but they do make up a good portion of the decoration.  Today, an older very hippie-looking couple were sitting in the front yard in adirondack chairs, holding hands and reading books.  They looked so very happy.  A few blocks later, there was a man casting out birdseed for the doves, crows, and squirrels that frequent his yard.  Oh!  This fellow also has a sign on the front of his house that says, “Hippies please use side door.”  Well, there is no front door to the house, but there is a door on each side.  I guess we know who lives there.  When we got to Friendly Park, there were quite a few people sprawled out in the sun on the grass.  I’m sure it was a bit damp still, but none of them seemed to care.  Several people were out walking their dogs or riding bikes, and everyone was all smiles and full of greetings, most of which included the question with the all-too-obvious answer:  “Isn’t it a beautiful day?”  I love days like these, when all is right with the world (well, our little corner of it anyway), and people are happy and kind to one another.  I’m hoping to see many more just like this.


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