I’m going to scream!

Let’s get this straight from the very beginning.  I HATE politics.  I’m not fond of politicians either.  Most of them have more money than God and have no idea what it is like to live the average American life.  This is going to be a rant, so hold onto your shorts.  I think it will also be a mostly respectful, bipartisan rant, but you can let me know (hopefully, respectfully) if I get out of line.

I cannot believe the amount of hateful, nasty stuff that has occurred on the internet over the past week in response to Ms. Fluke’s (rhymes with book) testimony before congress.  Whether you are religious or not, Republican or Democrat, man or woman, what is covered by health insurance should be FAIR to everyone and not based on religious or social conventions.  Viagra is covered by health insurance.  Is this used simply for procreation?  I think not.  In the early 80s, when I was a young and fertile woman, my health care was provided by a company called Selectcare.  Selectcare was a company owned by PeaceHealth, a CATHOLIC hospital.  I was prescribed birth control because I had severe bleeding from endometriosis.  They wouldn’t pay for it.  Okay, I admit, I was occasionally having sex too (and I did enjoy it).  However, this same CATHOLIC HMO insurance covered abortions – at 100% by the way.  How is it that we can pay for erections and erasing men’s mistakes, and we cannot pay for medication that will help honest loving people control the size of their families or help a woman having reproductive problems?  And how do we justify leaping to conclusions and calling people nasty names and assuming they are standing on street corners with their skirts pulled up just because they’d like their insurance to help out with a medication?  I cannot believe the nastiness.

And now back to your regular quilting/knitting channel.  I’m not listening to news anymore for a few days and I’m not visiting CNN on the internet!


5 thoughts on “I’m going to scream!

  1. Oh Linda I know what you mean with the politics and news these days. I can hardly stand to watch any of it so for the most part I don’t. We all should be ranting and raving and shut off the TV.

    • I guess what bothers me is the lack of civil discourse and the willingness of mean people to gang up on people they don’t even know. What really set me off this morning was seeing some of my “friends” on facebook posting about mailing a condom to Ms. Fluke. Can you imagine being a young woman in college, speaking up for a medication in a country where separation of church and state is the law of the land, and saying you thought it would be fair if all health insurance covered these things and then having a large piece of the country sending you hate mail? Well, in large part, these “friends” are people who asked to join me on facebook. I said okay, because I’m a quilter and I teach, I like to reach out to people, and because they were friends of my friends. I am quite relieved there is a defriend button. Sometimes the things you get to know about some people are decidedly not pretty.

  2. I am with you Linda. I am so tired of the language being used. In the instance that you were speaking about, she isn’t even in politics and is being slandered. I thought that Judy said it well on her blog. She said that we should all remember that when this is over we still have to live together, so should be careful what we say and how we say it. I remember a time when Americans treated each other with more respect than we do today. There are lines of decency that seem to be crossed without impunity.

    • Yes. I try not to discuss religion and politics. Often I can see the viewpoint on each side, but when it comes to just ganging up and calling people ugly things for the “fun” of it, it really makes me ill. Anyway, I got it off my chest, I had a fairly good day, and hopefully, this will pass by soon and I won’t have to read about it. We’re all people, we need to remember we all belong to the human race.

  3. I very rarely watch or listen to the news because of things like this! It just depresses me and makes me loose faith in the human race!

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