I’m so stubborn

I have always been a very stubborn person.  I admit it freely, but I can’t seem to get over the fight that occurs (generally fairly silently) in my head when faced with something I don’t want to do.  A lot of the problem I’ve been having with quilting over the past month has had to do with a very lovely quilt a customer brought me, but, instead of the “just do whatever you think best” I get from most folks, she had a definite idea of what she wanted.  Now, that should not be a problem, right?  It’s her quilt, she should have exactly what she would want in it, right?  Well, this IS how it should be, and I was fine with it, till I began to do it and could seen it wasn’t going to work out exactly as planned.  Problems:  1) she wanted contrasting thread, and we already know I have a problem with that.  Nevermind that I am a threadhead and have nearly every color of the rainbow (and then some) in my studio.  I have those colors to MATCH the fabric, not to have the stitches stand out . . . or so I tell myself.  2) the quilt is called Apple Crisp and my client wanted a single apple in what we call the snowball blocks.  I got an apple design she liked from a pantograph, and proceeded to resize, flip, clip, split, and combine my way to a custom design.  I got my single apple

but, as you can see, that is just not enough quilting in an eight inch block.  I clipped the pantograph to make a design for the alternating pieced blocks

I like that part, but the thread is still getting on my nerves.  I’ll deal with it.

So, finally, I got up the courage to tell the client I didn’t think those single apple blocks were going to fly.  Thankfully, being the smart lady she is, she agreed, so I then had to figure out a way to fix them up.  The beauty of IQ (Intelliquilter) is that you can play around with designs or even make your own, just by sitting in your chair and playing with the tablet.  I modified the block to have more leaves and an echoed apple in the middle, and I will SID the blocks and put some CC in the little corner triangles.  I think that will do it.

You can see the repaired block at the bottom of this photo.  No SID and CC yet, but I’ll get there.  I finally . . . with what felt like feet slogging through deep mud, finished fixing all the apples yesterday.  Well, the main problem being that IQ can join all the stuff together easily, but with such high-contrast thread, I, of course, had to knot and bury the ends.  Today I am off to have IQ happily stitch the combined blocks in the rest of the empty spaces, and then I will finish up the quilt (hopefully by tomorrow).  I will be really glad to have this baby finally done.

So . . . what was the whole problem?  Very pretty quilt, no problem there.  The problem is I am so stubborn, I cannot make myself do something when a little nagging voice at the back of my brain says there is something there that I don’t like.  I’m 57 years old.  When will I convince myself to get over it?


5 thoughts on “I’m so stubborn

  1. Linda – I am the very same. I want the quilts I finish to be the very best I can do and this means I have to like what I did. If I am doing something I really don’t like or think is the best thing for the quilt, I find it really hard to keep going. I know it is the customers quilt and she should get what she wants but ……

    • I try to think of it as two artists (flattering myself) and that my client had an artistic vision for the quilt when she made it. Just because her vision conflicts with mine doesn’t mean I shouldn’t do the job I was hired to do. Of course, most folks who bring me quilts tell me it’s because they’ve seen my work and love what I do. Then they don’t let me do it! ;p

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