It’s a sunny day!

And I’m so tired, I just want to go back to bed.  I managed to get 8 hours sleep last night and I’m still exhausted.  I’d like to just crawl back into bed, and I’ve already had two cups of coffee, and a good protein breakfast.  Oh well, I’m going to take the dog for a walk and, if I don’t feel perkier when I get back, I’ll take a nap before quilting.

I must take advantage of the sun being out.  We’ve had a lot of grey days lately, and we’re due for several more starting tomorrow.  Out to soak up as much vitamin D as I can hold!

Busy day

I cannot believe how tired I am.  It’s only 9:30 p.m. and I’m ready for bed.  Generally, I’m up till 1 or 2 in the morning, but not tonight.  I did take the dog out for a walk in the rain this morning.  We didn’t go as far as we usually do.  I imagine only about 2.5 miles.  Then I went to Safeway, Bed, Bath, and Beyond (I needed a small spatula and some bottle stoppers), to Costco to stock the freezer since my rebate coupons came in the mail, to the post office to mail a package, to the ARC Bingo Center to deliver some fabrics to a friend, and then I got home.  I had to package up all the protein using the food saver, stow everything in the freezer, did some dishes, scooped the cat box, got the garbage ready for pick up (hot night tonight), and then did some quilting.  I am just beat.  This might be my earliest bedtime since I retired!  Catch y’all in the a.m.!

I did say Every Day, didn’t I?

Man!  It’s pouring rain this morning.  But, I do need to take the dog for a walk, and I promised I would.  Actually, the dog doesn’t really need a walk, but I do.  I did have two walks yesterday.  4.6 miles in the morning and then another 2.8 in the afternoon.  Does that mean I don’t have to go today?  NO!  I have a huge umbrella and the dog doesn’t care if it’s raining, as long as we’re walking.  So, off we go.  Lots to do today.  A little shopping, trying a new low glycemic bread recipe (sourdough pumpernickel), quilting, quilting, quilting, and preparing for trash night (big event at my house!).

Out of the Pit of Despair

“Are you coming down into the pit?”

“Tyrone, you know how much I love to watch you work, but I have my wedding to plan, my wife to murder, and Guilder to frame for it.”

“Get some rest.  If you haven’t got your health, you haven’t got anything.”

Some of you know that I spout movie dialogue spontaneously.  Something reminds me of a situation and, well, there it is.  I have identified the pit.  It lies at the east end of my sofa.  I spent about 99% of my time there following my spinal fusion surgery and I tend to gravitate there when I need comfort.  So, as of this morning, it is a house rule that I am no longer allowed to sit (or lie) there.  It is also a rule that we go for a walk every (and I mean EVERY) day.  We just got back from a five-miler.  I’m resting for a bit before I hop in the shower.  Since we were gone just slightly over an hour, we were hauling today, and I am whooped.  We also made another change today, although the weather report says we might have to hop backwards a bit.  Yesterday I noticed that I was just sweltering in my parka by the time we got home.  I’d unzipped it all the way, but I was still hot.  So, today we switched to the springtime fleece vest and Gore-tex jacket.  It was better, but since I ran part of the way (shhhhh!  don’t tell anyone . . .  I’m not supposed to run), I was still too hot.  The weather report says, however, that we may have some snow on the valley floor on Saturday night, so I’ll just hang the parka on the doorknob in the spare room for back-up.  So it’s into the shower, do the dishes, and then off to quilt.  I’ve reconciled myself to the thread color and have gotten quite a bit done.  I’d like to be finished by tomorrow, as I have a few more to pop on, but they are quilts where I’m allowed to use my own discretion, so I will thoroughly enjoy doing them (selfish brat, am I not?).

I’ve decided the best way out of the pit is to insist that I climb out of it.  I’m a strong old witch.  I can make myself do anything I want, and I choose not to be miserable.  So – off to have fun.  Oh, my sister will be stopping by later and we may walk to the other yarn shop in town.  I’m not buying anything today, but I can always look.

Oddly enough, after I posted this, when I returned to my homepage, there was this little quote waiting for me:

“Whatever you can do or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it.”

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Magic . . . it’s everywhere.

I’m moving!

Well, not my residence, but my butt.  Ozzie and I did a 4.5 mile walk this morning and I came home and actually went upstairs to quilt.  I’ve decided that one of my problems is the high contrast thread in this quilt.  It’s just not my style.  Although this quilt is nicely pieced and I suppose it’s coming out okay, my brain objects to the contrast.  Perhaps I should refer piecers who like contrast to someone else?  Hate to lose the business, but I also hate having something so trivial depress the living daylights out of me.  Well, okay, there’s more to the depression than just the quilt and feeling sick and tired.  I did hear from the doc . . . anemia to be sure.  Just continue regular supplements for now, perhaps go see my endocrinologist.  And then there’s Mr. Rolling in the Deep who I would just like to hold under for a while . . . well, I need to let it go.  I’ve never had anyone write stories for me about us and make everything so intimate and loving and then just ‘poof!’  I’ll never understand it and, I suppose that is what is killing me.  I always have to know why.  I always have to know why something does or doesn’t work.  I also need to remember that if I don’t fill someone’s waking thoughts they don’t deserve me, and I need to remember that Mr. Darcy was a fictional character.  Well, back to quilting and singing at the top of my lungs.  I hope the neighbors don’t mind!

It’s Monday!

I know most folks don’t rejoice in that.  It is, I suppose, a holiday, but most of us on the west coast don’t celebrate these things.  The presidents and Columbus lose out over here on the left.  At any rate, even though it is very grey and it signals the start of the work week, I am rejoicing in that my headache and the medication hangover are both gone.  I’ve had my breakfast and my coffee and I’m about to go and take the dog for a walk (before the next downpour).  When I get back, I’m turning the music up LOUD and I’m going to quilt the day away.  No more of this foolishness of being sick and tired.  It’s time I really, really tired myself out!

Another down day

Woke up with a migraine this morning.  Damn!  I used some Zomig nasal, had a cup of coffee and took a short nap.  I awoke to no headache, but when I close my eyes, there is still a massive firing of blinks along the circuit board.  If you’ve ever had a migraine before, you probably understand that.  I’ve gotten up and done a few things, but still feel awful.  I need to finish up a customer’s quilt and really can’t seem to stay at it for long.  I usually chat with my buddies on Sunday evenings, but think I will have to miss out tonight and just make a push for finishing this quilt.  I’m beginning to feel like I’ve got swollen glands.  Sure hope the doc’s office calls with some news tomorrow.  I’m once again sick and tired of being sick and tired.