Almost there

Well, yesterday was a bit exciting.  Many of you know that I have an antique Willcox and Gibbs chainstitch machine like this one:

which I used to use for stitching backings and tops to long zippers before loading them onto my longarm machine.  Well, the little screw and bushing above the needle fell out a while ago and I’ve been unable to find it.  Either the victim of aggressive cleaning (doesn’t happen often around here, but when I clean, it’s thoroughly), or it became a cat toy that fell into a crevice somewhere and will never be seen again.  A few weeks ago, I took it with me to the hardware store, determined to find something that would fit in the space and allow the machine to work again, but I wasn’t very successful.  The very helpful guy at Jerry’s told me what I really needed was a fabricator who could make me something to go in there.  Well, I just happen to have one of those, and he is, in my opinion, one of the best in the business.  He’s my brother.  Currently a welder/fabricator at Johnson Crushers International.  So, yesterday, I took the machine to Ted, and within about a half an hour, he had it up and running for me.  I’ll have to run it slowly for a while because he didn’t have the precise materials to work with, but he will obtain some and make me the right parts.  I’m so excited!  I absolutely love this machine and it’s been a real time-saver for me.

As you know I’ve been feeling awful lately, and am afraid I’m now coming down with the crud.  Aches and pains everywhere and I seem to have swollen glands.  At any rate, I’ll have to stay in and quilt.  I have been taking the dog for a walk every day, but we missed Saturday because we walked on the cinder stuff with Ginny and Kallie again on Friday and we had terrible sore feet and ankles on Saturday.  Well, I did, and Ozzie looked really beat, so we took a break.  We went this morning and, although it was only 33°F, it didn’t feel all that bad, until we turned around to come home.  A bit of a north wind blowing, so I didn’t notice it so much on the way out, but coming home I froze.  I did have to change back to the parka this weekend.  Too, too cold for a fleece vest and a gore-tex jacket.

Well, I almost (I’m trying, I’m TRYING) have myself psyched up to go quilt, so I’m about to grab my IQ tablet and head up the stairs.  I know it’s cold up there, but I’ll crank the tunes and be warm in no time.

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