What a good day

It was only 29°F when I got up this morning, but the sun was shining, without a cloud in the sky, so Ozzie and I headed to Walterville to walk around the power canal with my sister and her dog Kallie.  I haven’t plotted the whole walk, but if you go once around the pond and down the canal trail, it’s supposed to be about 4.2 miles.  We went (almost) twice around the pond and down the canal trail today, and also tacked on the walk to and from my sister’s house, which adds about a half mile.  So, a bit above 5 miles today, probably almost 6.  My back had been bothering me last night, enough to get up and put my electronic muscle stimulator on, so after we started around the second loop at the pond, I could feel my back and my leg starting in again on me, so probably about a third of the way around, I asked for us to head back.  We got to the junction of the pond loop and canal path and met someone with another dog that would have been heading in our direction and, since the dogs were not interacting well, we started down another trail so as to separate them.  By the time we got back to the house, not only was I tired and my hip screaming, but my sister was also tired.  I made it home and made something I’ve not had in ages for lunch.  A tuna salad sandwich on toasted sourdough pumpernickel bread!  OMG it was so good.  Of course, my sandwiches are only half-sandwiches or open-face sandwiches, as I don’t have enough room in my little tummy for 2 slices of bread along with a dose of protein, but it was excellent, just the same.  I then did some redesigning on the IQ as both my customer and I feel those little apple blocks are a bit too sparse, and now I’m set to take a nice little snooze before watching the evening news and going back upstairs to quilt.

Oh – I forgot.  The forecast for today was rain, but as I said, when I got up it was really sunny.  We had our walk, sat and talked for a bit, tried to trim Ozzie’s toe-nails and, even with a muzzle on, he nipped me, and then when we headed back to town, we could see the huge wall of clouds coming in from the west.  So, at least we got in an excellent walk in the sunshine.  It’s getting pretty dark out now, even though it’s only 3:00, so I know the rain is coming.