It’s Monday!

I know most folks don’t rejoice in that.  It is, I suppose, a holiday, but most of us on the west coast don’t celebrate these things.  The presidents and Columbus lose out over here on the left.  At any rate, even though it is very grey and it signals the start of the work week, I am rejoicing in that my headache and the medication hangover are both gone.  I’ve had my breakfast and my coffee and I’m about to go and take the dog for a walk (before the next downpour).  When I get back, I’m turning the music up LOUD and I’m going to quilt the day away.  No more of this foolishness of being sick and tired.  It’s time I really, really tired myself out!


3 thoughts on “It’s Monday!

  1. Glad you are feeling better. Sunny in this part of Michigan. Only the banks and government buildings are closed for Presidents Day. For the rest of us it’s like any other day of work.

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