Another down day

Woke up with a migraine this morning.  Damn!  I used some Zomig nasal, had a cup of coffee and took a short nap.  I awoke to no headache, but when I close my eyes, there is still a massive firing of blinks along the circuit board.  If you’ve ever had a migraine before, you probably understand that.  I’ve gotten up and done a few things, but still feel awful.  I need to finish up a customer’s quilt and really can’t seem to stay at it for long.  I usually chat with my buddies on Sunday evenings, but think I will have to miss out tonight and just make a push for finishing this quilt.  I’m beginning to feel like I’ve got swollen glands.  Sure hope the doc’s office calls with some news tomorrow.  I’m once again sick and tired of being sick and tired.


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