I’m still here

I’ve been doing my best to keep busy and that includes trying to stay off the computer.  I do waste a lot of time on the internet.  After I posted about death to the old self on Wednesday, Ozzie and I headed out for a walk.  That’s what we’ve been busying ourselves with for the most part lately, so we thought we should give you the tour, complete with signs of spring.

Leaving the front yard, we see the daffodils and wood hyacinths are on their way up from the bulb.  Please excuse the leaves.  My silver maple is probably the last tree in the neighborhood to shed its leaves, and it does so when it’s way too cold to go out and rake.

The hydrant that usually contains posts of all the hot news for the day.  Nothing exciting here today, except, I think a post that says Ozzie needs a haircut.

Violets poking up on the side of the path

A note on lawns in Eugene during the winter.  They don’t turn brown.  I think this one neighbor must have taken advantage of some of the warmer recent weather to fertilize this grass, as it is looking suspiciously glorious.

Our view as we head south.  It’s a bit too cloudy to see Spencer’s Butte today.

Friendly Park.  Yes, I live in the FAN – Friendly Area Neighborhood.  Usually there are children playing here but, being the day after Valentine’s day, they are probably all home in a sugar coma from eating all those hearts with comments on them.

Our favorite house on the whole walk.  In the summer, there are little lights up there and it looks like a great place to read a book and doze.

Heather blooming and, by golly, they’ve got more dead leaves than I do!

A shrub of some sort beginning to leaf out.  I thought it was a forsythia, but it doesn’t look at all like the one in my yard.

A variety of yard art decorates our walk

Hot news center of the day.  We probably would have stayed for hours, had I not pulled him away.  I suspect there was a springtime dousing of fifi peepee here.

A lone crocus and way more leaves than I have in my yard!

Anyway, that’s what we’ve been up to.  Thursday, my sister and I walked to the yarn shop and I spent my Christmas gift certificate on some nice superwash merino/nylon for a pair of socks in moss green.  Yesterday we did the 4.5 miler in town and managed not to be rained on.  Today, we are waiting for the hail to stop so we may go without being pelted.  In the meanwhile, I’ve got a custom quilt job to finish, so I’d best sign off here.  I hope you all are beginning to see the signs of spring.  I’m looking forward to the longer days.


3 thoughts on “I’m still here

  1. Thank you for taking me for a walk with you and handsome Ozzie. It was wonderful to “be” in Oregon again. Hope that you are feeling better. I know that the weather out there has a lot to do with some of what you have been going through. The whole time I lived there I had the worst sinus headaches I have ever had because of it.

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