When death is a good thing

Ooo.  That’s pretty morbid, right?  Well, actually no.  There does come a time when death means change, and if life has been sucky lately, then death to that is going to be wonderful.  So, here’s my tarot reading for the morning:

“The Death card suggests that my alter ego today is the Mover and Shaker, whose superpower for transformation relies on my bargaining ability to make a change. Even though tomorrow is another day, the time for change is now. Know that you can handle it and that you will not be alone in making it happen. Things may not seem to be going your way, but know it may be for the best. ‘When love goes wrong, nothing goes right.’ It may be time to find a new direction for the better of all, especially you. You’ve seen the writing on the wall and something’s got to give, but it’s not too late. You’re well-equipped to overcome your fears and step out of your comfort-zone. Make your best efforts to direct the outcome as you wish by acting proactively now, rather than having to react later when it’s out of your hands.” (Reading courtesy of Astrology.com)

I know many people think these things are silly, but I’m more of a pagan than anything.  I believe in the forces of nature, the pull of the cosmos.  What else would someone with a last name like mine believe?  So.  Today is about change.  There are some things I know cannot be changed, but I can change me.  Up I get . . . off the computer.  A quick swipe through the house (although it needs a thorough purge), take the dog for a walk (I think it will be a nice day), and then off to quilt.  My doc says I need a job.  Well, I have one.  I’m a quilter.  I need to get busy.  No more doldrums.  Spring is coming, signs of life are shooting from the Earth.  Time for me to grow as well.