Get a job

Well, my doc says he expects it’s depression and possible vitamin deficiencies.  I’m definitely still anemic.  If everything else comes back normal, he says I need to get a job!  LOL Well, he thought it might help, as long as it’s doing something I like.  I told him I’d actually thought about it, but was worried I wouldn’t be able to wake up to get to a job.  Anyway, I’ve been drained of about a pint of blood and he really thinks I should keep up my walks.  Considering that my toe is about healed and that I feel like I’ve gained a few pounds after three days without a walk, I think I’ll force myself out the door this afternoon.  It’s raining, but that’s okay.  I’m an Oregonian, I can handle it.  Ozzie will be overjoyed.  He’s a little put out at the moment because he’s getting no puppy treats.  But that would be because he’s boycotting his kibble.

I hate to say this, but I think I may need a nap before I go for that walk.  Getting up, taking a shower, getting dressed, going to my appointment, knitting while waiting, and stopping at the store on the way home has me exhausted.  Pathetic, right?  Actually, I’m working on a second cup of coffee.  Let’s see if I can get out there without the need to doze for a bit.


4 thoughts on “Get a job

  1. I also suffer from depression. It is a hard thing to knock! I completely understand teh fear of not being able to get up and stay awake even for a part time job. However, I have contemplated doing the same just so I am out and around people again! Hang in there!!

    • I’ve had it most of my adult life, Becky. It ebbs and flows. Sometimes it’s acute, other times, just there in the background. Really bugging me of late, as I realize my tall, dark, and handsome poet is never coming back. A rat like the rest of them, despite the wonderful stories and poems he used to send. Just not enough courage for truth. Why do men find that so difficult?

  2. Has your doctor tested you for vitamin D deficiency? Studies are showing that vitamin D might help for a myriad of problems including depression, calcium absorption, dementia, MS and heaven knows what else. Since I’ve been on mega doses of vitamin D, I feel in a much better mood. In spite of that, I’ve had enough rain, moss and muddy dog prints. 😉 Here’s hoping an early spring comes for all of us. 🙂

    • Yes, I’m on 4000IU D3 each day, after discovering a deficiency and having to start with the 50,000IU pills a few years back. My weight loss surgery means there are lots of things I don’t absorb well. I still haven’t heard about the blood work, but I know they did a B12 test, and that generally takes a while. I’m really looking forward to long sunny days!

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