Okay.  I did end up falling asleep again yesterday.  I probably got a little more done than I usually do, but I still gave in to that overwhelming desire to hibernate.  So.  This morning I called and made an appointment to see my internist.  They can see me tomorrow, even though I told them it wasn’t urgent.  I also got the crockpot out and started a nice vat of chicken soup.  Nothing like a little chicken soup to cure what ails you.  Of course, this means I’m going to have to put on some clothes and get down to the market, as I don’t have everything I need to complete the recipe.  And, nothing like a little parsley, sage, rosemary, and thyme to make you feel a bit more melancholy.  I think I need a nap. . . . okay, just kidding (well, not really, but I won’t).


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