Let the sunshine in!

Well, it will have to come in, because we won’t be doing much going out.  We’ll have to have a ball-toss in the backyard today for exercise, which won’t do me a whole lot of good, but it will be fun for Ozzie.  I got out a different pair of shoes yesterday and we went shopping at Petsmart and Costco.  My feet felt better, but something was still amiss.  We came home and started out on a walk and I had to come back within a few blocks.  Turns out the weird feeling was caused by not only the blister in the arch of my foot, but my entire little toe (the busted one) is now a blister.  Oy!  I’ve been a bit of a mess lately, as you can tell by all these depressing posts.  So, last night I sat myself down (who am I kidding, I was already sitting — I’ve barely moved except to walk the dog) and tried to figure out just what the heck is the matter with me.  No one gets up, has coffee, eats, and goes back to sleep.  Well, you do if you’re ill, but you don’t do it day after day after day.  Unless you’re me.  I’ve known for some time that I am anemic.  The blood bank will no longer take me, even though I have a very desirable blood type (AB+).  I take iron, when I remember, but the problem with taking iron is that you shouldn’t take it within 2 hours of eating a dairy product, or the calcium will block its absorption.  Problem?  Well, nearly all of my diet is dairy related.  Yogurt, cheese, cottage cheese, milk, etc.  Sure I add some fruit and vegetables in there, but when I remember about the iron, it’s generally right after I’ve eaten a bowl of yogurt and blueberries.  Geez.  So, I will need to schedule a time to take iron every day and not eat any dairy before or after.  I also figured out that I must be deficient in B12.  Most folks who have had gastric bypass surgery cannot absorb B12 in the digestive canal, as we no longer have access to the intrinsic factor which joins your food stream at the bottom of your stomach.  My stomach bottom is bypassed, so no intrinsic factor to absorb the B12.  I give myself a shot every month, and my lab tests have always come back fine, but I realized that the tests are tricky (if you’ve ever noticed one of your tubes in a blood draw wrapped in foil, that’s the B12 test), and false readings of B12 level are not uncommon.  I googled B12 deficiency.  Symptoms?  Exhaustion.  Check. Tongue sores.  Check (eww, TMI, I know).  Scaley patches in the nose.  Check (eww again, what fun, no?).  Condition caused by B12 deficiency?  Pernicious anemia – inability to produce enough red blood cells for energy and health, brain fog, instability on the feet (really?).  What do I already know I have?  Anemia – lack of red blood cells for energy and health.  Well crap.  So, I’ve started taking B12 under the tongue daily instead of just the monthly shot.  This month, I’m a bit ahead on my B12 vials, as I had a bulk buy which was cheaper when my insurance wouldn’t pay a few months ago.  So I gave myself 2 ml instead of one.  No more tongue sores, scaley patches on the run I think.  I think I’m a little clearer mentally –  well, at least enough to know that lying about all day while the world falls apart around me isn’t a healthy thing.  I’ve managed some iron for a few days now.  Am pondering the liquid variety which is more easily absorbed.  No doubt, these small changes are what has allowed me to get my butt off the couch long enough to walk the dog for the past few weeks, but I’m beginning to wonder if I might need a more aggressive remedy.  Of course, since I’ve upped the supplements substantially, if I see the doc now, most of my readings will most likely be normal.  So, I guess I’ll carry on unless I keel over.  I refuse to give in to old age.  Hopefully, my supplements will be strong enough to carry me back to being somewhat healthy.  If I’m not better by the end of the week, I’ll have to see the doc.  Actually, I think it might be time to go get this toe put back in its proper spot, because it just isn’t happening.  What is supposed to take six weeks to heal has not been accomplished in six months.  I don’t like this idea at all, but I can’t sit here because I have a bad little toe either.

So.  The sun is shining.  I’m pretty sure I know the problem and am taking steps to remedy it.  I refuse to sit on the couch at all today.  I’ll play ball with the dog, I have a lot of quilting to do, and the whole house needs a good sweep out.  Spring is coming dang it, I will not be held hostage in my house, even if it’s by myself!


2 thoughts on “Let the sunshine in!

  1. go to your doctor and tell him what you have been doing and that you are somewhat better but feel something is still amiss! Most doctors will listen….worth a try..and ask about your toe. I bet he will straighten it while you sit in pain and tape it to the next toe. It took my pinky toe ages to completely heal..I still have issues with the wrong shoes. Get better…YOU are not old!

    • Thanks Becky. Some days I feel like I’m 95, but my brain still thinks I’m 18. I will call the doc today. I managed to get a bit more than usual done yesterday, but I still ended up sleeping . . .in my recliner, which I never do. Time for action. Maybe what I need is a vacation on a nice sunny beach somewhere? Nah. I’m too tired to go!

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