More Friday Freakiness

This getting old crap is getting old.  (Eyes rolling here).  I’ve been trying to take Ozzie for a walk every day, averaging about four miles a day.  I have Asics shoes that I wear with some Happy Feet orthotics in them.  Generally, they are very comfortable, with the exception of the little toe on my left foot.  I broke said toe in August and it has not healed yet.  I saw my doc about it a few weeks ago and tried some of his suggestions, but it’s still not better.  It gets sore when I walk and generally swells when I get back, but it’s not been terrible, so I’ve put up with it.  Today I took Ozzie out to Walterville for a walk with my sister and her dog Kallie.  We did this last week too.  Last week, I met Ginny at the Power Canal Parking lot, and we walked the Canal Trail, looping the pond twice.  Today we walked from Ginny’s house, which adds about a mile total to the whole course, but we only walked around the pond once, which cuts about a mile off the total, so about the same distance to walk this week as opposed to last.  My little toe began to hurt during our walk this week, and I mentioned it to my sister.  It got worse and worse as the walk went on.  By the time we were on our way back, I noticed I was rolling my foot to the right, and that began to create soreness in my arch.  We were almost to the end of the trail when the pain became unbearable.  I sat down on a rock and took my shoe off to find I now had a blister in the arch of my foot.  Oy!  So, I tried turning my sock inside out in case there was an irritant on that side, and laced back up for the rest of the walk.  We had about half a mile to go (on the road) back to Ginny’s house.  I still couldn’t tolerate it.  Finally, I took my shoe off, and that was better, but the road surface there is not smooth, so that wasn’t great either.  Ginny and I have the same sized feet, so we switched shoes and I managed to make it back to her house that way.  Tonight, my feet are really sore.  Why?  I walk in those shoes every day.  No problems.  I walked at least as far in those shoes last week.  No problems.  I use SmartWool socks which, over the years, I have found to be the best for my feet as far as preventing blisters.  I wore SmartWool socks last week.  I wore SmartWool socks today.  Anyway, all that pain wore me out and I came home and slept on the couch for the afternoon.  I’m sure I’ll be fine, but I find it very strange and frustrating to have stupid things like this happen.

At any rate, I got some good pictures of the dogs today and will share some here.

  We let the dogs go off-leash on the trail, but when someone is coming the other way, put them back on the leash so they won’t harass other walkers.  Best way to get them back on leash?  Treats!  Here they are anxiously awaiting.

These two playing often resembles a rolling can of worms.  They jump, roll, wrestle, chase each other.  Caught in mid-play here, Ozzie’s head looks a bit displaced.

Ducks (American Coots) on a plank out in the pond.

Kallie waiting for Ginny.

Ozzie waiting for Ginny and Kallie.

Well, I’ll drag a different pair of shoes out tomorrow and see if changing up my footwear will keep my dogs from barking.  I stopped taking the metabolism-stoking drugs the doc had given me (made me feel sick), so I think the daily walks are more important now than ever.  I don’t know what caused all the trouble today, but it had best be gone tomorrow!  Plus, I think the sun will be coming out.


2 thoughts on “More Friday Freakiness

  1. re-check your socks too! There might have been a little something in it that you couldn’t see!! Or maybe the seam was wonky..hope you get to feeling better soon!

    • Another friend suggested that perhaps my shoes have reached their worn out stage. I may need new ones. Thankfully, my feet feel fine this morning. Maybe they were just cranky yesterday? LOL

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