Another grey morning

. . .but, they say the sun will come out this afternoon!  I guess I will clean, sew, quilt this morning and save the sun of the afternoon for a nice walk with the dog.  I did take a few pictures while we were out a few days ago, but it was also a grey afternoon, so they didn’t come out particularly well.  Maybe when the sun arrives this afternoon, we can get some better photos.  It’s only February, but the trees are beginning to bud, my daffodils are poking their stems up from the soil, and I realize I have a lot of yard work to do.  The grass hasn’t been growing much (it doesn’t go brown and dormant here in winter) but I suppose I will have to call my brother soon and ask him to come and mow.  My gas lawnmower is broken and I can’t take the twisting that would be required to try and pull it to start, and winter makes the grass a bit too wet to cut with my reel mower, so my brother comes up occasionally with his mower and cuts it for me.  He’s a good kid.

I think what is needed to lift my gloom is to turn the tunes on and turn them up.  I have a tendency to dwell in silence.  I have a great appreciation for quiet, so I often don’t even consider turning on the stereo.  Today I will rock out while quilting and try not to bang my head on the sloped ceiling during a drum solo!


2 thoughts on “Another grey morning

  1. Linda, my son suffers from depression and I bought him one of the lights for SAD from Costco. It has helped a lot. You may want to consider that. He just sits under it for an hour in the morning while he reads or watches TV. For some reason, this year has had that affect on me too. We don’t get a lot of rain, but I seem to feel groggy much of the time for no apparent reason.

    • Thanks Jean. I did go and get a light. At this point I’ll try anything. I’ve suffered from depression most of my life. Diagnosed in my late twenties, but I remember the fog hitting me when my parents died when I was 12 years old. That was a life-changer for me. They’re coming up with some interesting treatments these days. I would, some day, love to be free of this cloud.

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