Do you have SAD?  Seasonal Affected Disorder?  I never thought I did.  I always loved the grey and dreary weather and wore it like a comfy grey blanket.  It was soothing, relaxing, comforting.  I guess it may have been part of that misery-loves-company mentality.  I was working at a horrible job, I loved the grey damp blanket . . . it kept me wrapped in a cocoon which allowed me to tolerate my surroundings.  Now that I am free of the nasty drudgery of that job, I find that the greyness is depressing me.  The past few days have been sunny and beautiful, and let’s not forget the loveliness of the full moon that has been shining down the past few nights.  Today, however, has dawned grey, dark, and damp, and all I want to do is curl up in a cozy little ball and not move.  I did have to go out this morning.  A local woman who has done so much work for charity is wrapping up the ends of her life, way too soon.  She is trying to make some quilts for her loved ones before she leaves this Earth, and I volunteered to quilt one of them for her.  She was so appreciative as I picked this one up.  It is the first quilt she has ever had professionally quilted.  I’ll do my best to make her happy with it.  Maybe it’s the thought of mortality that has me frozen in my tracks?  Ah, but then again, I freeze frequently.  I must get off my butt and back to the quilt at hand so that I can do this quilt for this special lady early next week.  Time wasted feeling gloomy on the couch cannot be reclaimed.  Let me live by that today and take it as my inspiration to move it.


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