I survived!

It was all imagination as far as the allergic reaction to the noodles was concerned.  No need for the Epi-pen, or even an antihistamine as it turns out.  I will consider eating these noodles again, but I have to admit, they don’t satisfy the same way a nice bowl of al dente pasta with a little olive oil, some freshly sauteed garlic and oregano, and a little pecorino romano used to.  Sigh.  Those days are long gone.  That would most likely have me in a coma within a half hour of eating it!

Lots and lots to do today, and I’ve already piddled away half the day.  Well, not totally.  My MacBook seriously crashed Sunday night and I had to spend most of yesterday building everything back up (including my identities in Microsoft Office, which was a real pain).  It figures that it would be a Windows-related program that brought everything to a screeching halt, but all seems to be well now.  I got in a blog post last night before I closed everything down and ran an intense series of scans, so I spent a good part of the morning ridding the Mac of all the trash it sorted for me.  Feels good to have all that taken care of.  Oops there’s that damned dangling preposition again.  I do try . . . seriously.

Well, I’m off to load a quilt, then take the dog for a walk.  If it doesn’t start raining, I might even have some pics for you when we get back.


2 thoughts on “I survived!

    • LOL – I think that also comes from being retired and on a fixed income. I figured I paid for the things, I’d best at least try them! I’m going to see if my niece would like some — she’s gluten intolerant, and that would mean I won’t have to eat all I bought. I think I got ten packages.

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