Adventures in eating

I have a bad case of reactive hypoglycemia, so refined carbohydrates and even some whole grains in bread, rice, pasta, crackers, cookies, cake, etc., can make me very ill and very sleepy.  A few weeks ago I heard of a type of pasta I might be able to eat.  The noodles are commonly called “Miracle Noodles” and can either be made of tofu (soy protein, to which I am seriously allergic) or from yam fiber.  One site said that their spinach/yam fiber noodles tasted most like regular pasta, so I decided to give them a whirl.  Well, the box of these noodles, pretty much already cooked and packaged in vacuum-sealed plastic with some sort of liquid, arrived.  They looked so gross I was ready to just pitch them all, but I decided that in my old age, I need to be a bit more adventurous.  So, today I made a huge crockpot full of beef stew.  I decided that I could prepare the noodles, and then put a bit of beef stew over them, starting with a very small amount, and if they were totally gross, I wouldn’t feel too bad about throwing them out.  Each bag of noodles contains two servings, at 35 calories per serving, and essentially no available carbs due to their fiber content.  You prepare the noodles by opening a package, dumping it into a colander, rinsing the noodles thoroughly (they smelled like bad fish), and then boiling the noodles for one minute.  You then re-drain them, dry them in a towel, and then you can eat them.  Ewww, eww, ewwwwww!  They smelled so bad.  I rinsed and drained them, and put them in the boiling water.  When I put them back in the colander, they smelled more like spinach, and not like dead fish (well, not a lot, anyway).  I rinsed and drained them again, dried them in a towel, and put a small amount in the bottom of a bowl.  I then put a spoonful of beef stew over them.  My stomach lurched a few times as I scooped them up, but surprisingly, they weren’t that bad!  I had anticipated dumping them out, and then eating a little more stew to satisfy myself for my meal, but in fact, I ate all the noodles, most of the stew (the squash was a bit too al dente, so I didn’t eat it), and I am VERY full and satisfied.  The crockpot is back on to finish cooking the squash (butternut – my new addiction), and I think these noodles may be okay.  Well, I am having an intense form of my usual after-meal hot flash  . . . I think caused my my furnace being turned on, as it doesn’t usually burn . . . and I feel like I have a bit of a sore throat, but I think that’s because I am just sure they have to have tofu in them and I’m due for anaphylactic shock.  No soy is listed on the label, so I think it’s just my imagination.  Epi-pen at the ready, just in case, but I think I’ll be fine.

So, if you can’t have noodles, due to gluten or carb problems, I think I would recommend the spinach Miracle Noodles (angel hair).  Low cal, lots of fiber, and, if you don’t smell them before you cook them for a minute, they’re not too gross!  What we weird people will do for a bit of normalcy!


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