Back in the groove

Well, almost.  I’ve been awake for the entire day for the past two days!  Miracle.  I think the stomach bug really took me down for the count.  I have managed to do a little cleaning and a bit of knitting, and today I intend to sew for the rest of the day, as soon as I get back from Costco.  I don’t really want to go there, but I must.  When I’m out of yogurt and cottage cheese, I really need to go.  And, we need kitty litter and some fruit too.

Got a bit creeped out yesterday.  Got up to let Ozzie out and found the door to my garden shed in the back yard open.  Not a lot of valuable stuff in there, but it does have my tiller, lawn mower, some camping gear, some gardening tools, and my Christmas ornaments in it.  There was also a six pack of beer in there — probably in there for the past five years, as I just don’t drink beer.  So, after several winters in the freezing cold, and several summers in the blistering heat, whoever broke into the shed decided they wanted that beer.  They drank one and left the empty bottle in the back yard.  The really amazing thing is, they took three of the bottles with them.  It must have been pretty rank after all this time, but they still wanted it.  Anyway, I cleaned up the beer bottles and then put a padlock on the shed door.  I don’t need to find someone sleeping in there the next time I go out!  It was probably just one of my old boyfriends stopping by to see what else they could get from me.  I sure do know how to pick them, don’t I?

I’ve also been organizing my IQ patterns on my computer, in hopes of organizing them better on my IQ tablet, using a program called Evernote.  The problem I was having, was seeing the pattern name, file name, and image simultaneously.  Since I don’t have a program that reads IQ on my computer, I needed to open several files at the same time to find the file for which I was searching.  Now I can clip the image from the site where I purchase my patterns, reference it by name, designer, pattern type, etc., and easily find them by clicking on the notes.  This will help tremendously.  It has also helped me realize, although I had suspected it, that not all of my patterns had copied to my tablet.  I knew I had purchased quite a few, and it seemed that I really didn’t have all that many designs on my tablet.  Now I’ll be sure they’re all there.

Well, best get moving.  Much to do, and less time to do it!