Clear! A Monday jumpstart

I’ve begun to get a bit worried about myself lately.  Not sure if I’m depressed because I’ve been sick or sick because I’ve been depressed, but things were getting a bit out of control.  Life was beginning to consist of get up, have a cup of coffee, go back to sleep.  Get up, eat lunch, go back to sleep.  Get up, watch the evening news, go back to sleep.  And on, and on, and on.  I gave in for a few days, but yesterday I made up my mind that I really had to get things done and I would clean and sew.  Well, I took the garbage out, and I managed to put all the dishes in the dishwasher, but as soon as it started, I lay down on the couch, and I was out like a light.  No energy.  Whatsoever.  So, I determined that today would be different.

I got up and got coffee, read my emails and had a little breakfast.  Decided I couldn’t lie back down on the couch if I put my comfy quilt in the wash (it really needed a good washing), so I started a little laundry.  I actually got dressed and even put on my shoes.  Of course, shoes mean outside, and Ozzie got very excited about this, so I decided that I would take him for a walk.  The poor thing has languished in here with me.  Nothing like an energetic pooch rolling his eyes and sighing all day long, most of which I missed viewing, as I was sound asleep.  We trudged off, once again stopping at the most-informative fire hydrant.  I never realized what a bulletin-board of news that would turn out to be.  The walk was great, until about half-way home, I heard a HUGE WOOF!  There across the street was a very large German Shepherd, sans leash, bounding out of its front door.  It made it to the sidewalk and stopped, but continued to bark.  Ozzie was totally freaked.  I bent down to try and pick him up and get him the heck out of there, and he slipped his leash and took off with the large German Shepherd in hot pursuit.  Being the rugged tomboy-type that I generally am, I stood rooted to the spot and screamed!  That stopped the German Shepherd from barking, Ozzie came running back and sat at my feet, and the street filled with neighbors wondering who on Earth had just been murdered or maimed.  I stood there just shaking as though someone had just applied paddles to my chest.  Okay, I’m AWAKE now!  I got Ozzie’s leash back on him and hurried off amid murmurs from the neighbors about that German Shepherd wandering about too often with no leash.  Remind me to not walk down Adams Street in the near future!

Of course, now that I’m home after that little adventure, I’m beat, but I think I can remain upright and get some sewing and cleaning done today.  If I end up sleeping again, I’m going in for some bloodwork.  I can’t spend more than half my life asleep.  This is nonsense.

4 thoughts on “Clear! A Monday jumpstart

  1. Hi Linda: I’m a firm believer that your body tells you what it needs. Sounds like, right now, you need sleep. Instead of doing all this running around, try doing something easy, and stay sitting up~~don’t lay down. Do your tasks, but sit up, don’t lay down. I find, for myself, when I’m really sick and am beginning healing, that sitting up works really great. Hope you start feeling better.

    • Thanks Stephanie. Yes, today I decided that I not only needed to wash my ‘binkie,’ but I made myself sit in my recliner (not comfy enough to sleep in) to accomplish some tasks. I did some knitting and some computer file organizing, which would generally be enough to put anyone to sleep, but I did okay! Onwards and upwards!

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