The lost weekend

Hmmm.  I woke up feeling better today.  A bit queasy, but I put the coffee on, let the dog out, and jumped in the shower.  Got out, dried off, got dressed, let the dog in, had coffee and read my emails, facebook posts, etc.  Had some breakfast, and the next thing I know, it’s 4:30 p.m.!  I, apparently, have been zonked out on the couch all day.  Admittedly, I got up late.  I took a sleeping pill (actually half a pill) last night, and I guess they effect me like most other things . . . way too strongly.  Perhaps the next time I think I need a sleeping pill, I should take a quarter of one.  Wow – so . . . what happened today, everybody?  I’ve been asleep through the whole thing.  I do remember the dog barking and a noise at the front door which barely roused me from my slumber.  It was the postman, who brought me something new (NQR) that I will have to try and let you know whether I like it or not.  Anyway, I’d best get up and moving, as I’m tempted to just lie back and sleep until tomorrow.  I think I should at least go try to sew for a while or something.  What a waste of what was a beautiful sunny day from what I can remember.

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