The cover of the Rolling Stone

Well, not only did I have an article about me in the upcoming edition of the Country Register, but it turns out I have the local plague.  I guess it is contagious enough that it’s made the local evening news tonight.  Apparently, gastroenteritis (commonly referred to as the ‘stomach flu’ even though it is not an influenza) is making the rounds in large and rapidly growing quantities in all the neighboring towns.  Influenza is, of course, a respiratory disease and not a digestive system disease, but I’ve always noticed that when you’re sick to your stomach, most folks say ‘oh, you have the flu.’  Well ya, when I was younger, it was what we called the ‘bottle flu’ . . . caused by a night of debauchery on the town, one would be sick the following day (for some odd reason).  I think the worst of the digestive symptoms are leaving me (or at least I am praying they have) but I am left with one awful symptom.  The aches.  I didn’t sleep well at all last night because most of my joints felt as though they were on fire, and of course, night time is always the worse time for any symptoms of any sort.  So, it’s 11 PM and the aches have begun again in earnest.  I can’t decide if I should take a pain pill or a sleeping pill and really wish that I didn’t need to take either.  Probably not a very good idea to take both.  Hope this is gone soon.  As you can tell, I turn into a great big whiner when I’m ill.  Just don’t like it at all.  So, let’s hope that tomorrow I end up with something much more fun about which to talk!


3 thoughts on “The cover of the Rolling Stone

    • Thanks Diana! I took the sleeping pill and actually slept in till 10 this morning. I’m always wide awake at 5:00 a.m. I’m still queasy, but feel better than yesterday. Still sip, sip, sipping water as not to become dehydrated. This too shall pass!

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