Fatigued Friday

I’ve not written for a few days, as I’ve been down with a bit of an intestinal bug since Tuesday afternoon.  This can cause one to not have much enthusiasm for writing, although I have done my share of reading and websurfing.  I think most of you know that I have hypoglycemia as a consequence of my gastric bypass in 2007, but I also have another uncommon complication of weightloss surgery.  The inability to vomit.  Good, you say. . . who wants to do that, anyway?  Well, there are times during a digestive tract bug that one would give nearly anything to get rid of what ails you and when you can’t . . . it just isn’t pleasant.  Anyway, today dawned cold and foggy, and I didn’t really feel all that bad, so after a cup of coffee, I decided that we’d try for Doggie Facebook part trois.

It’s only about 35 degrees F out, but the sun is peeking out of the low clouds, so I decide to head off with the dog.  It promises to be an interesting walk, as someone has posted news of such import at the fire hydrant on the corner, that it deserves intense scrutiny including tail-wagging, long pauses, flipping over to the other side of the hydrant to read the story continued, no doubt, on page 4b, and news of such national import, that I literally had to tug him away to get him walking again.  We could have been there all day!  I am bundled into my parka and gloves, parka zipped all the way up with the lower part of the hood fastened around the lower part of my face to prevent freezing.  A few blocks after the fire hydrant, I realize this may not have been the best idea for the day.  I am sweating profusely, and feel a tad bit dizzy.  Hmm. . .did I eat anything after that cup of coffee?  No.  I don’t feel well, why would I want something to eat?  Blood sugar, dear.  Blood sugar.  At any rate, I find that undoing the hood bits from around my face and unzipping the top of the jacket from around my neck revives me, so we carry on.  We make it to the park and deposit our little gift, but a few blocks beyond that, we decide there is more for the giving, so we need to head back to the park and the receptacle.  By this time, I’m really realizing that I’m getting soaked in my jacket, and I’d best head for home.  We are, however, about half-way through the walk, so no matter what, we’ve got an equi-distant path no matter which way we decide to go.  There’s that dizziness again.  Maybe I should just slow up and stop for a bit.  Nope . . .that makes it worse, so let’s just keep going.  Besides another critter of smaller size but equal ferocity coming out to give Ozzie what for, we make it to the front door.  Now that I’ve been collapsed on the couch for about 15 minutes, I think I need to peel off these wet clothes (did I mention it’s now a bright sunny day?) and get myself into the shower.  Oh  . . . and perhaps have something to eat.  I’m pooped.  No pun intended, but there it is.

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