Count your blessings

Wow.  Despite having been ill (and still being so, I think) there are many things for which I can be thankful.  For one, my jeans, even fresh out of the wash and dryer (oh so nice and toasty) are feeling rather loose these days.  I believe I’ve lost my holiday pudge plus.  I saw a post on facebook the other day that said men think women dream of finding the perfect man, while all women know that we really dream of eating and not getting fat!  How true, how true.  After all, we all know the perfect man is a myth, now, don’t we?  So, even though I’m not at my best, baggy jeans are cause for celebration.

Sadie is really coming around.  Vince has stopped hissing at her, but tends to sit and watch her which I think is creeping her out a bit.  She didn’t ask for this, so I’m sure she’s feeling a bit stalked.  You know, the uninvited attention as opposed to the supposed mutual bloom of new love where you look for that rush at every turn and eventually realize it’s not there.  Ah well, I think the two of them are working it out.  Ozzie still tends to be fascinated by Sadie and upsets her a bit when he eagerly dashes up to greet her.  I think she may even be getting used to that.  She is probably one of the sweetest cats I’ve ever seen, with one exception.  As I’ve done a good job of generalizing about men lately, let me focus on one of the very feminine of traits in this cat. She is, like most women, very focused when she spies what she wants.  Her first decision is where she has decided to make her nest.  My pillow.  I have one of those D-core pillows that creates a little cradle for my head.  I take this pillow with me on every trip, as I love it and it’s about the only thing I can sleep on.  Well, Sadie has decided this little hollow in the pillow is hers.  She’s not averse to sharing it with me, but if I move in my sleep and roll over on one of her paws, she’s not very happy about it.  She swatted me last night and, when I reached up to assure her it was okay, she let me know it was Not!  She bit me.  Well, not hard and brutally like Junior bit me last September, but she let me know not to do that again.  My poor pillow is getting a bit worn now, and I think I may have to surrender this one to Sadie and get myself a new one.

2 thoughts on “Count your blessings

  1. If she didn’t break the skin, it was just a warning! My cat would do that too in the early days. It didn’t stop me from admonishing her though. I don’t let my pets sleep with me, however.

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