I can’t find Sadie!  She came out from under the recliner last night and started warming up to everyone.  Vince even stopped hissing at her.  We all went to bed early, as I was (and still am) under the weather, and I slept with Ozzie under my left arm, Vince under my right, and Sadie as a crown around my head on my pillow.  Quite cozy.  Now that I’m finally up for the day (I’ve got some sort of bug and feel absolutely lousy), I can’t find her!  I have the door to the sewing room closed, and I did have the door to the studio closed, but I think Vince pried it open in the middle of the night.  I’ve called her and called her, but am getting no response.  Looking under things to find her hiding space is not going to be easy.  Remember my big fall of a few weeks ago?  While I am mostly recovered from it, I believe I severely damaged my left knee cap.  It’s not painful at all until I try to kneel down on it.  Just no can do.  So, I’m going to be up and down looking under furniture, etc., for this little kitty.  I’d just let her be and come out on her own, but we have a wellness check-up at the vet at 3:30.  Sadie!!!  Where are you kitty?

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