Lost and then found!

Well, I figured I’d look in the most inaccessible place in the house first.  I’m so smart.  There she was, way, way, way in the back corner of my 6′ x 6′ cutting tables, firmly ensconced on the top of a box of garment bags, directly behind several wire-basket racks of fabric.  Oy!  There would be no way to get her out except removing all the stuff (I shudder at the thought), but I did manage to coax her around the back side and get her out that way.  The door to the studio is now firmly closed — I didn’t want her going up there, as I haven’t vacuumed up the strings from the last quilt, and cats ingesting thread is not a good idea.  Hopefully, she will have been still too freaked out to stop on her way to graze, but just headed for a good hiding spot.  She’s under my bed now, and Vince is in there talking to her.  It doesn’t sound like what he has to say is very nice, but at least he’s not hissing at her.  We’re making progress!

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