Doggie Facebook Part Deux

I’m beginning to rally from my bout of laziness, induced by traveling about in dirty weather.  Ozzie and I managed another walk this morning, and the minute we turned off the main road, it became apparent that something unusual was afoot.  We were walking in the road, but Ozzie’s Schnauzer-snout was firmly pressed to the ground, and we were obviously on a mission.  When we turned the corner, we could see the object of his desire – a Bassett Hound just up ahead of us, happily waving her tail in the air and displaying her Congressional Support Button.  Ozzie was beside himself, walking up the street on his hind legs, desperate to make contact with this vision of feminine pulchritude.  We did eventually catch up, and after a most thorough sniffing, decided that perhaps this was not the pinnacle of Ozzie’s dreams.  We moved on.  A bit of Doggie ADHD followed.  A woman approaching us from behind on a motorized scooter, which absolutely fascinated Ozzie until a squirrel darted from the curb . . . oh, LOOK, a SQUIRREL!  Followed by a couple of large crows who drew his attention in another direction until two women came around the corner with two golden retrievers.  Oz generally likes big dogs, but two of them simultaneously seemed a bit off-putting, so we traveled on to the park.  More squirrels.  We finally got away and started back home.  We took a few streets we’d not been on before.  At one point, a dog enclosed in a heavily-screened porch came to yap at us.  Ozzie was so upset by whatever he had to say, that he immediately pulled me right up on the curb and peed on one of the trees.  He gave the barking dog a look as if to say, take that!  Ah, dogs.  They never cease to entertain, and they are always so happy to see us.  Life is good.

Now, on the howling kitty front, Vince has not been happy since the passing of our beloved Junior.  He howls nearly incessantly.  Including howling at 3 a.m.  It can be most distressing.  I think he misses the mutual grooming and snuggling with another cat.  Ozzie is just not that warm and cuddly to Vince, so he paces the house, looking for some love.  At times, he throws himself on the floor right in front of me (regardless of my intent to keep walking or not) and presents his tummy for rubbing.  I think that we may venture out to the humane society today to try and find a cuddly companion for my poor cat.  I hope it will bring the howling down to a minimum, but I also fear that Vince may just teach a new cat to howl along with him.  I’m not quite sure what to do, but I am leaning toward a new cat.


3 thoughts on “Doggie Facebook Part Deux

  1. Sounds like a plan. Just make sure you are able to bring said furry friend BACK if they don’t get along. I think a kitten might be best but sheesh, that is a very long commitment. Good luck!

    • Thanks. Yes, they allow you to return the animal if it doesn’t get along with the other. Both Junior and Vince came from Greenhill (not the puppy farm!). I’ve had very good experiences there. The only thing that is stopping me, I think, is knowing that once I get there, I will want to bring them ALL home with me. I can’t bear seeing unwanted pets.

  2. I hope Vince settles down with the new kitty. I think kittens are so adorable. Pity I am allergic to them :o(

    Ozzy is so funny. I walk with my friend and her dog and it is so cute to see them greet each other when we meet. Lola and Holly that is, not my friend and I, LOL.

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