Cold and lazy

I’m having trouble recovering from my trip to the coast.  We didn’t sleep much our last few nights there, due to the high winds and the shaking house.  I fell fast asleep once I got home.  The dog, cat, and I were all snuggled up on the couch and got in a couple good hours Friday afternoon.  I spent most of the day yesterday being lazy, so I decided I’d make sure I was more active today.  I got up and did some laundry, a little cleaning, took a shower and took the dog out for a walk.  We had partial sun and showers while we were out, but it’s about 50 degrees out.  We came in the door to the amazing smell of the ham I put in the oven this morning.  I was really looking forward to it, but I’ve been leaving salt out of most of my food lately and the ham tastes so incredibly salty.  I guess I’ll cut it up and freeze little packages for ham and eggs, ham in some pea or bean soup, etc.  Probably not too bad if I add it to other things.  Ozzie thinks it tastes great, but if it’s that salty for me, it surely can’t be good for him either.

Anyway, after a small lunch, I settled down on the couch and turned on the football game.  Yes, I occasionally watch – not a steady fan, but there’s something about all those tight ends that really fascinates me.  Anyway, it didn’t take but one touchdown and I was fast asleep on the couch again.  It’s now the fourth quarter and I’m awake again, but I’m sooooo cold.  I turned the heat up, turned on my extra electric heater, and I’m on the couch with a quilt.  I’ve got to warm up.  Actually, I’ve got to get up and get the rest of my stuff in from the car.  My sewing machine is still out there, and I need to get back in the groove and get that quilt for Mike finished.  I need to mail the pillowcases I made for my nephew and his wife, and I need to design the quilting for my neutrals challenge top I made at the coast.  It will be in an exhibit (non-judged) at MQX east in April.  I also need to adjust the pattern for the jacket I’m making and get it finished up so it can go to show.  No pics of show items folks.  I don’t believe in stuffing (or unstuffing) the ballot box.  Good sense says that judges can explore the internet just as anyone else can, and I don’t like to show my work until it’s made its show debut (if it ever does).  Here are some pics from my trip to the coast.

This is our beach, the morning after we arrived.  Waves not too huge, good expanse of sand, which you can usually see a lot of, even at high tide.

Sunset on Sunday night.

The sun sets the clouds afire.

My sewing station in the big window looking out, along with Adonna, Dodie, Sharon, and Carol.

Flannel pillowcases for my nephew and his wife.  I hope they can sleep on that bright green!  I hope Nick won’t mind the butterflies.  He said he just wanted soft flannel — he didn’t care if their were bunnies on them.  ;D

A bit of hail on the deck with the approaching storm.

Hail out in the yard.

Flooding approaching the back yard — both the ocean coming in and the tiny stream to the left of the house converting to a raging torrent pushing out into the waves.

The tiny stream we usually hop over to continue walking down the beach is now a raging torrent, and the rest of the beach is not there to walk on!