Procrastination – thou art my middle name

Why is it, when I have so many things to do, I tend to totally zone out and do absolutely nothing?  Well, nothing but come here and complain that I have too many things to do!  I’m not quite sure what to do first.  Actually, if you take the past few days into account, I have really accomplished quite a lot, but I do have more and more and more to do.  I’m going to the Oregon coast for a week-long quilt retreat tomorrow.  My sister is coming to dog/cat/house sit so I have to make sure I have things cleaned up a bit more than the usual chaos-state of my daily modus operandi.  I am a slob.  There, I’ve said it.  I get upset when my house is dirty, but I exist quite well in a sea of clutter.  My desk at work used to be a tremendous pile of paperwork too.  If you needed a document, I could reach right into the approximate layer of a certain pile and quickly produce that document for you.  If I filed it, I would never find it.  I deal better with spatial relationships than word-associations.  Any given document can have so many details in it, that picking one subject under which to file it would be nearly impossible for me.  Likewise, when I bring fabric, thread, mail, books, etc., home, I need to leave them on the coffee table for a while, so I get a chance to look at them before I have to put them away.  Things do tend to pile up.  If the floor starts to get crunchy because Ozzie’s been dragging leaves and dirt in from the back yard, I whip out the vacuum and take care of it.  If I spill something, I wipe it up.  Okay, I haven’t quite taken down my Halloween decorations, but just think of how lovely those cobwebs will be by October 2012!  So very authentic looking.

So, I’m trying to tidy-up for my sister, I’m trying to pack . . . not only my clothes and toiletries for a week, but sewing projects, some knitting, the frozen base for the stew I’m scheduled to make next Wednesday night, my neck massage pillow, since I will, no doubt, get all torqued out of shape by sitting and sewing all day long.  Extra warm and dry clothing, as we will be in a house right on the beach, and a storm (of course) is rolling in.  I know that I will have to go out for walks at some point, and I will no doubt get cold and wet and need to come in and warm up.  Of course, I’ll need a bottle of wine, the cork screw, some breakfast items (we’re on our own for breakfast most days) and high protein snacks.  I generally can’t eat what everyone else does, so I have to have cheese sticks, hard boiled eggs, and beef jerky in my bag of tricks.  I also picked up some low glycemic granola-type bars for the trip.  Just in case.  The eggs are boiled, I made my own jerky yesterday (put it on to soak on Wednesday) and then dried it yesterday.  My cleaning duties generated a huge box of clothing that is too big for me, which I deposited at Goodwill today.  I had to take a prescription to the drug store, and will need to pick that up tomorrow.  I did manage to clean out the car, including giving it a micro-vacuuming (boy did it need it), and took it to the car wash.  I really don’t want my car-pool companion to have to sit in a dirty car!  I should go out and wash the inside of the windows, but I’m afraid I won’t get to that until about midnight, especially if I keep writing here.  So, off I go, to pack up the sewing machine, my project, etc.  Fortunately, the wonderful woman who organizes these retreats (my friend Adonna) provides us with a packing list that really helps to prevent us from forgetting essential items.  And, if we do, she generally has a box of stuff that will fill our needs.  Ya gotta love it.  At any rate, I’ll only be a few miles from a town in either direction, so I can get the things I’ll need.  I would, however, just like to plant my butt in a chair looking out at the ocean and stay there, snug and warm, right next to the fireplace.

I’m taking the computer with me, so I may write a time or two while I’m away.  I may even provide you with some pictures!!  I can hardly wait to be there!

I just remembered that I have a picture of the house I’ll be staying it.  Those huge windows have an unobstructed view of the ocean.  I can hardly wait!


3 thoughts on “Procrastination – thou art my middle name

    • Thanks, darlin’. I know it’s going to be wonderful. The people I’m going with are my closest non-internet friends. One of them, in particular, is always the life of the party. We have such a good time!

  1. What a wonderful house… I hope you get a nice set-up next to the fire. 🙂

    Forget about everything left behind undone at home, and have a great time. Please post photos of your work when you get back!

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