If it weren’t for bad luck . . .

Happy New Year all!  My resolution for the year is to enjoy myself, find time for the things I want to do, and appreciate all life has to offer me.  Oh – and to try and change my luck.  My brother and sister-in-law gave me a rabbit’s foot and a four-leaf clover for Christmas.  As the old blues tune goes, “If it weren’t for bad luck, I wouldn’t have no luck at all.”  That said, there are parts of my life in which I am really fortunate.  I have a roof (although leaking in the bathroom for some reason) over my head, enough food to eat, a dog who loves me, good family.  I just seem to have the worst problem with accidents.  I cut myself and need stitches, I get rear-ended in the car, I fall down.  Yesterday was a disaster.  Actually, it was a lovely day, and I enjoyed it a lot — walking the dog, going to the dog park, doing laundry, going shopping, knitting, etc.  The first problem was that I took down the Christmas Tree.  That lovely angel on top of the tree, posted a few weeks ago, decided to leap off the top of the tree and smash me in the face.  I have a bit of a black eye and a very sore bridge of the nose.  Finished up the tree, enjoyed my day, and decided to do some laundry.  Well, I think I’ve told you all that every once in a while, Vince starts to ping-pong off the walls and dashes about the house as though his tail is on fire.  He was doing that last night when I headed to the laundry room to retrieve some bedding from the dryer.  On the way back through the kitchen, carrying said bedding, I suddenly stepped into the dog’s water dish, which mysteriously appeared in my path.  The leg in the water bowl went one way, the rest of me went the other, and I fell HARD on the kitchen floor.  It took quite a while before I could get up.  Worst damage is my left knee, which is turning a lovely purple color and is quite swollen.  I sat with an ice pack on it last night . . . just the ice pack pressure was painful . . . but it seems to be okay today, meaning I can walk.  Stiffly, but I can walk.  I have a bruise on my left shoulder and the pain extends along my collarbone to my sternum, I think I sprained a few of the toes on my left foot (no doubt they were in the water bowl?), and I have bruises on my right ankle and just under my right knee.  Geez Louise!  This has got to stop.  In a wild moment of hypochondria, I imagined that I caught the fall-down, clumsy, not-knowing-where-I-am disease from Junior when he bit me in September.  Well, I’m pretty certain that’s not the case, but when you’re in your recliner with an ice pack and reeling from the pain, it’s pretty easy to imagine anything.  It’s good to know this morning that I will be just fine.  But, I have got to change my luck.

Oz and I have taken a three-mile walk in each of the last four days.  I think we will skip it today, as I have a lot to do, plus I’m a bit achy (although movement might help).  I’d like to finish a client’s quilt so I can take it to her tomorrow.  It’s a feathered star and we will both be taking a miniatures class from Marsha McCloskey tomorrow, so I’d like both Adonna and Marsha to see it.  The SID is all done and I’ve begun to play on it with some IQ designs.

I’ve been knitting again.  I learned from my grandmother when I was just a wee lass — (was I ever a wee lass?) — and picked it up again in my 30’s.  I knit several sweaters, hats, mittens, back then and then stopped again.  Judy has gotten me hooked on yarn again (well, yes, it’s my fault, but isn’t it always easier to blame someone else?), and I’ve now got yarn for a couple pair of socks and two cardigans I’d like to make.  So, to get my knitting legs back under me, and because I am always freezing, I knit up these Cranford Mitts.  I posted a pic of what they should look like several weeks ago, and mine look pretty much the same, except that I didn’t use contrasting yarn.  They are comfy and warm.

They really are both the same size – it’s just the camera angle that makes one look smaller.

Yesterday I began working on a Minimalist Cardigan in Malabrigo Worsted – in a variety of black/grey shades.

As I said, I’m always freezing, so nice wool sweaters are a good thing.  So far, the sweater is coming out fine, but I admit I’m not in love with the moss stitch – just looks like hap-hazard stitches to me – not much of a distinctive pattern.  Maybe when I’m farther along, it will become more apparent.

Well, enough of all this long-winded stuff.  I’m off to quilt.  Carefully.  No needles through the finger, falling down the stairs, etc.  I realize that most of these accidents occur when I’m cleaning or doing household chores.  Now, what does that tell you?  Unfortunately, though given to clutter, I cannot live in filth, so I’ll carry on.  Here’s to my finding some good luck!


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