The grinch has left the building!

Yeah!  I put my nose to the grindstone today and finished off the kryptonite quilt.  I promised myself I would not stop until I was done.  Of course, I did come close to crying a few times.  This poor quilt had a litany of problems — open seams, non-square blocks, not enough backing, not enough batting, lumpy, bumpy, and dumpy.  But, it’s DONE!  Ah.  I am ready to begin celebrating the holidays.  I do have a beautiful Feathered Star wallhanging to load, but I’m really looking forward to quilting this.  It’s more up my alley – lots of stitch in the ditch (call me crazy, but I actually like to do it), and then I get to play with some wonderful Intelliquilter designs on it.  It will be fun.  I may then start on my new quilt — top secret — something I’ve wanted to do for sometime — and it will be for show.  Perhaps not until MQX West in the fall, but I’m going to take my time and get it done right.

Now I think I hear some holiday spirits calling my name.  After finishing the quilt, I took my very patient dog to the park and threw the ball for him until he was pooped.  Now I’m frozen and can really use a hot toddy!  Wishing you all a relaxing evening!


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