The Grinch is gone – almost

Well, thanks to my Roku box, I’ve managed to drum up a little Christmas spirit.  There’s a free channel on it called Roku Holiday Fun.  I watched the yule log (nice crackling fire ;p) with Christmas tunes for a while, and started decorating the tree.  After the tunes had cycled through a few times (didn’t take long, as there aren’t many), I switched to the radio station on the Holiday Fun.  The Christmas Mix isn’t bad.  They’ve got a Christmas R&B, Jazz, Kountry (oh, don’t get me started), and a few others, but I prefer more traditional.  Actually, Christmas Classical would be awesome, but I don’t see it here.  So, here is the Stellar Stitches Christmas Tree.  It has not been up in the house for several years.  Back surgery, back surgery recovery, new puppy, etc., have prevented it being erected for several years.  It was a trip down memory lane to put the ornaments on and remember where they all came from.  I’d been collecting them for several years, as I prefer my ornaments to be purple.

This angel is from the oldest glass factory in America – The Sandwich Glassworks in Sandwich, MA.

I’m sure you’ve heard of the Christmas pickle.  How ’bout the Christmas Eggplant?

St. Nick light cover

Grapes light cover

Santa Claus going down the chimney light cover

And, of course, the iridescent angel at the top.

I’ll keep the tunes on.  Maybe have a hot toddy.  Maybe I’ll be more in the spirit (or spirits) then.


3 thoughts on “The Grinch is gone – almost

  1. Simply beautiful, Linda! I put a tree up for the first time since my divorce 3 years ago. It definately helps with the holiday spirit!!

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