Whoa, where have I been?

Well, I’ve been quilting and playing up a storm.  I did make a bunch of things for the Christmas Craft Fair, and totally forgot about taking any pictures of them.  I dropped them off at Our Sewing Room on Saturday, where I went to enjoy our little lottery winners’ party.  I left them at the front desk, went back and put my stuff down and started talking with my friends, when the woman at the front of the store informed me I was out of inventory!  Well, that was fast.  I have more made and have been spending the last few days binding, binding, binding, and playing with paints and pencils and inks and bling.  This one is done with a color wash effect using Jaquard Fabric Paints and some crystals.  You can’t really see the crystals or the sparkly gold paint (outer ribbon) on this one in the photo, but they do look pretty in the dark with candlelight bouncing off the crystals.  So here is one — you can tell me if you think they’re tacky.



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