Frozen Fog

Well, we’re now back to the frozen fog.  High pressure in Oregon often leads to temperatures dropping with no cloud cover at night and then a thick blanket of fog forms on the valley floor because we are right at the confluence of two large rivers (Willamette and McKenzie).  While there are no clouds in the morning, the sun never manages to burn through this thick fog, and it stays absolutely bone-chillingly cold all day long.  Sometimes it clears just before the sun sets, and the cycle begins again.  We also now have a temperature inversion and the air quality in the valley is awful.  Of course, in this neck of the woods, many people heat their homes with wood stoves, only adding pollution to the air.  So, it’s great weather to stay in and sew.  Ozzie’s not to happy about not going for a walk, and I’m not happy about it either, but until my new insulated boots come, I don’t think I can manage a long walk in the cold.


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