What a difference a little sunshine makes.  I suited up for my walk again this morning, and just before we went out the door, the sun broke through the fog and it’s now clear, blue skies and sunshine!  Even though it’s a colder temperature today (35°F), we were out walking for an hour and I don’t actually feel like a popsicle today.  It was a beautiful walk.  My ears are cold, and my toes are just a tad numb, but I think once I jump in the shower, I’ll be all warmed up.  It will be nice to sit in my chair in the sunshine and do binding today.  I have a few more projects planned I need to get on the longarm.  The woman who brought me the quilt with a short back has gotten more fabric, so I’m hoping I’ll see her in the next few days and get that quilt finished.  I have one pantograph and a small custom wallhanging to do before the holidays.  Maybe I’ll actually get something of my own quilted?  Well, maybe not, but I may give it a try.


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