Needing to acclimate

I moved to Oregon in July of 1979, leaving Geneva, NY, which is up in the lake region — at the top of the longest of the Finger Lakes (Seneca) and not too far south east of Lake Erie.  It got COLD there.  It SNOWED there.  The winter before I moved west, people were being buried in their stalled or stuck cars when the snow plow would go by.  The phone booth (remember those?) on the corner by my apartment was buried in snow.  They brought bucket-loaders and dump trucks into town to pick up the snow and take it down to dump it in the lake, because there was no more room to pile it.  I remember laughing at the silly Oregonians when I first moved here, watching them walk around in their down parkas when it as a mere 30-40° – it was balmy and warm to me!  Well, not anymore.  I got very fat as I grew older, and four and a half years ago I had weight loss surgery.  I lost 85 pounds.  85 pounds of good insulation that no longer surrounds my frame.  You want to know what fat is good for?  It is great for keeping you warm.  It’s also great for plumping up wrinkles.  Well, I’m not doing too badly on the wrinkles, thanks to modern cosmetics, but I am frickin’ freezin’ (Mr. Bigglesworth!).  Ozzie and I go for a walk nearly every day.  It’s good for him, but it’s even better for me.  For some reason, this holiday season has got me really wanting to eat junk.  I know it will not only make me fat, but sugar makes me very, very sick.  I still am having trouble convincing my brain that I don’t want sugar.  Well, anyway, back to exercise.  It was 36° today when Ozzie and I left for our walk.  I put on my polyprophelene long underwear (top and bottom) wool socks with Little Hotties Toe Warmers stuck to them, my jeans, a long-sleeved shirt, my cashmere scarf (thank you Shelley and Larry for bringing it to me from Scotland), my thinsulate insulated parka, and my walking shoes.  Oh – don’t forget the thinsulate-lined gloves.  Ozzie and I headed out for our walk (usually about an hour) and I could not believe how cold I was.  I had to pull my scarf up around my ears, put my hood half-way up, and I shivered and shook through the whole walk.  We’ve been back home for about 20 minutes now.  I’ve removed the parka and the scarf, but everything else is still on and I’m freezing!!  The thermostat says it’s 69 in here, but I can’t believe it.  My toes feel like popsicles.  I wonder if I will ever again be used to the cold?


2 thoughts on “Needing to acclimate

    • Wow. Maybe it’s just not the weight loss. I remember being overly hot and sweaty a lot when I was heavy. Maybe there’s something else the changed in me, but I rarely get warm now. I used to complain how much I hated summer because it was way too hot, and now I hardly break a sweat.

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