That aging thing again . . .

Well, this time it’s not just me.  Eowyn, my trusty APQS Liberty, is beginning to show signs of wear and tear.  While she remains a great longarm, she’s begun to entrap my bobbin thread every now and then.  Well, much more frequently, both now and then.  Thread tension is still great, but every once in a while, the bobbin thread hits a place in the hook where there must be a burr of some sort.  I took everything apart yesterday.  Cleaned, WD40’d, oiled.  Running smooth as silk, except for this one spot at about 8 o’clock in the bobbin basket/hook assembly that catches the thread and snaps and entraps it.  I’ve tried almost everything (well, if there’s something I haven’t tried, I’m not sure what it is) but I can’t get it to stop.  I talked with Dawn at APQS yesterday and they are sending me a new hook.  We’ll see if that will do the job.

In the meanwhile, I woke up with a horrible headache this morning.  There’s not much I can take for pain.  Weightloss surgery means that I can’t take NSAIDs – too much risk they will destroy what little stomach I have – and tylenol has never really blown my skirt up (or done Jack for pain, as far as I’m concerned).  I do have some high-powered pain meds for my back, but I’ve often found that if I take them for a headache, they just make it worse.  Well, while making coffee, I reached up to grab a coffee filter off the stack in the cabinet and realized it’s most likely my neck and shoulder causing the searing pain in my head.  Perhaps from too much time spent under the machine with my head cocked at an odd position, trying to adjust every conceivable thing to make it run correctly?  Ah ha.  So, I’m on my third round of heated shiatsu massage from my trusty Homedics massage pillow.  I think I may have a few of the knots worked out (or marbles scooted back up into my head as my PT says), so after a hot shower, I’ll go back to trying to quilt and just put up with the occasional thread breakage, until my new part arrives.  Actually, I have quite a few things done that need binding, so that may be the focus for today.  I’ve also made some wall art/potholder/trivet-type objects using the IQ that I may color and slightly bling up a bit for the holiday bazaar.  Once I have a few finished, I’ll post some pics and you can tell me if you think they are okay or just gaudy as all hell.  I’m striving for tasteful, but it’s like makeup  . . . there comes a time when you cross the line of enhancing good features and just end up looking like a trampy raccoon.  Let’s see how I do.


3 thoughts on “That aging thing again . . .

  1. Oh Linda, you had me chuckling with that line about looking like “a trampy racoon”. I have seen plenty of them! Hope your headache goes away soon.

  2. Hey Linda I saw in the APQS forum that you would sell a couple of the Terry Twist rulers? I’m interested! which ones do you have and how much? Thanks , Amie :o)

    • I know I have two of them. Actually, I bought them and never used them, but I know I came across them when I was cleaning out my studio. I have someone else who is interested in them (she asked me first), but if she doesn’t want them, I’ll let you know. Thanks!

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