Enough already!!

I’m beginning to feel like Joe Btfsplk – the little guy in the old Li’l Abner cartoons who walked around with the storm cloud over his head all the time.  Seems as though I’ve jumped from one mini-disaster to another lately and it just has to stop!  My cat got very sick. I had to have him put down.  I took off to Puyallup to help a friend whose assistant had had to take off to visit family when a grandchild died.  I finally got home and began to try and catch up, and in a search for one of my six rotary cutters, I stuck my hand into a project bag and hit a fresh new rotary blade that had popped out of its protective sheath.  I have a slice down the tip of my left index finger, from the nail almost to the end of the first joint.  It is very deep and trying to hold the two halves together to get it to stop bleeding was really making me sick.  I called and got an appointment at the after hours clinic yesterday and then had to lie down here to wait two hours for the appointment with my hand in the air.  Well, after about a half hour, I got the bleeding stopped and it occurred to me that I could probably just put some super glue on it and avoid the doctor’s visit.  I called and tried to cancel but, of course, they would have none of it.  So, I went, they cleaned it out (again) and put glue on it.  Dang it.  I could have saved myself the time and money.  I should have just walked it off!!

Anyway, I’m done with the doldrums.  It’s time for good things to start happening.  I’m going to start trying to make some good things happen for myself.  This day has been fairly good so far.  Cleaning up the house, trying to get quilts caught up and my bazaar items finished.  Perhaps I can join the sale next week.  No more bad things now, you hear???  Oh – one sort of bad thing today.  Ozzie had his check-up and bordatella shot today.  They (horror of horrors) clipped his nails!!  He was having a cow, trying to bite me, etc.  Just terrified — he never lets me cut them.  Anyway, he survived and is passed out next to me on the couch.  I’ll leave him to sleep.  I’ve got lots to do.

So.  Thursday is Thanksgiving.  I am thankful.  Thankful I still have two wonderful furkids left.  Thankful I have a roof over my head.  Thankful I have more than enough to eat, more wonderful friends than I have a right to, more than so many have of so many things.  I hope you all have something for which you can be thankful, and I wish you all more than enough of whatever you wish.


2 thoughts on “Enough already!!

  1. Blech, Linda, I am feeling ill reading about your mishap with the cutter. Totally something I would do too.

    It always seems that bad things come in clusters doesn’t it, and then we forget to notice the sun shining somehow.

    Hope you things are better soon and that your finger remains infection free!!

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