What a sad day

My sweetheart Junior (Otis Jr.) has gone to that happy mousing ground in the sky.  The vet believes he had a brain tumor or some sort of neurological disease that was just not fixable.  He was stumbling around the house, unable to find the litter box, and, when he did have to relieve himself, he’d go into a kind of seizure with his paws all curled up and he’d fall over.  Since his big episode in which he bit me (September) he has steadily gone downhill.  He’d gotten to the point where he would either lie in my bedroom between the wall and the laundry hamper or pace the floors while constantly falling.  It was so sad to see.  He couldn’t eat right, wouldn’t drink.  I had to give him droppers of water.

Letting a pet go is probably the hardest thing there is to do.  Thankfully, the vet made it as easy as possible.  Junior laid in my arms and purred as he went to sleep.  He was unconscious as he got the final drug.  It was awful, but very peaceful.  His ashes will come home and rest with Otis out under the rose bush.  If you’re so inclined, say a prayer for my little boy.  He was a delight.  I remember when he was little, he would stand on the cedar chest at the foot of my bed and swat at me with his little paws, like I was a play-toy.  He’d be there first thing in the morning, waiting for me to get up and play.  I will miss him so much.


10 thoughts on “What a sad day

    • Thank you Judy. We were going to try giving him a cortisone shot to reduce swelling in the brain, but the vet said it would buy him a couple months at best. I stood there realizing I would find myself back in the same exact spot in a few months, and how it wouldn’t be any easier. I did think about it and then the vet said, “can you think of anything he really enjoys doing right now?” I realized then that it was time.

      I have a horrible headache and my sinuses are burning from crying. I thought I would lie down for a nap, but for some reason, I really feel like sewing. So, headache and all, I’m giving myself some fabric therapy. Thanks again Judy.

  1. Linda, I am so very sorry you have lost Junior. It is very difficult to let our pets go. It is a gift that we can let them go peacefully, and not let them suffer by keeping them going longer than they should. Be assured, he knew that he was loved.
    I do not pray, but I will keep Junior in my thoughts. There is a ginger cat in our neighbourhood and when I see him, I will remember Junior.

    • Thank you Michele. I’m not really sure I pray either. Sometimes I think I just talk to myself to try and make sense of the world. At any rate, I feel his energy is free from his damaged body and I know he’s no longer suffering. I don’t think he was in pain, but he was so confused and unaware it broke my heart.

  2. Hugs, my friend. I know how much you loved Junior and how much you (and Vince and Ozzie) will miss him. Our furbabies are so precious, they really are our children. You enriched his life as much as he did yours. You will be in my thoughts as you remember, grieve and heal.

  3. I’m so sorry you lost your Jr. He is not in pain and you did the right thing….just remind me of that when it’s my turn. My cat is 15 and dog is 9. I’ve not had to take the one way ride yet. I really feel for you.

  4. My condolences to you. Our older pets are hard to bid farewell but the love and memories they leave behind will live forever. Hope the pain dulls soon and you find comfort in remembering better times.

  5. It just tears me up to read news of lost furbabies! I am not sure how I will handle it when my 5 all go to Rainbow Bridge. 4 of them are geriatric..12-13. I know the day is coming from watching them decline. It is so hard and even harder when you have to make that final decision! I am thinking of you and Junior..praying for your healing!

  6. Thank you all so much. Junior was 12, which isn’t ancient for a cat (getting up there for a dog), but I had noticed the occasional falling before he bit me. Then he got really aggressive and nasty and bit me. After that episode, he mellowed considerably, but really began to fall and walk like a drunken sailor. He had gotten to the point where he spent the day lodged between the laundry hamper and the wall in my bedroom, and he had a major seizing episode the night before I took him to the vet. I didn’t want to wait until he was howling in pain. I’ll miss him petting my face with his soft paws and his near immediate purring upon being touched. My vet’s office sent me a condolence card today. It was also signed by Junior — his paw print as a memento.

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