Simple pleasures

Sometimes it’s the little things that really make you happy.  I had to run several errands today.  I left the house in a drizzle and got about five blocks before I realized I left the pet gate I wanted to return to PetsMart on the kitchen table!  I drove back to the house, taking note of the streaky windshield as I tried to get the drops off the glass.  So, as I headed back out of the house, this time with gate in hand, I spied the replacement windshield wipers I’d bought some time ago and grabbed them as I headed back out to the car.  I put the gate in the car and changed the wiper blades.  Turned out to be a snap — literally.  I had the best time driving around to my errands with those wipers really cleaning the glass off!  Wish I’d done it a long time ago.

Speaking of repairing things on cars, what is it with small car repairs lately?  I had to drive home in the dark last night and was amazed at the number of cars coming at me with one headlight burned out.  I like to be able to see where I’m going at night and, the last time I checked, headlights didn’t cost an arm and a leg.  Sure, everyone’s a little tight with money these days, but there’s no sense jeopardizing one’s safety by driving around with only one light.  I used part of my lottery winnings to get new tires, now I have new wipers.  Need to get the oil changed again soon, then I guess I’m ready for the winter weather.  Take care of the car maintenance people!  The bad weather is coming.


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