Livin’ the high life

It’s true, it’s TRUE!  We really did win.  Tuesday night we all met for a cocktail and some food at Hop Valley Brewing Company, where we filled out all our lottery forms.  Yesterday (Wednesday) another quilter (name changed to protect the innocent) and I drove everyone’s paperwork up to the State Lottery Office in Salem, so that the checks could be expedited.  Little did we realize that they could cut the checks right then and there.  It did take a couple hours, but they had a nice coffee shop, and we got to pose for photos.  Figures I would be having a bad hair day, but I don’t care, I was (and still am) very happy!

Arriving at the State Lottery Office


This must be the place!


My friend and I dreaming of travel with our checks!

Of course, I came right home and spent my money on mundane things like new tires for the car ($800!  yipes), but I’ll put a little away for future dreaming.


4 thoughts on “Livin’ the high life

  1. It’s one of those things we often dream about and it never happens. Glad in your case it did happen. it’s been a fun ride to hear about you winning.
    Contratulations Linda!!

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