Holy smokes

Well.  Where in the heck have I been?  It’s a long and winding story to be sure.  I enjoyed myself at MQX West for a week, came home, regrouped, worked on some customer quilts, and headed off for my annual fall retreat at Silver Falls State Park, off to the east of Salem last Thursday.  I love being there, as do all in my sewing group.  When we got there, we were discussing how we wished we could buy the place and live there forever.  Then we got to thinking that the Powerball Jackpot was enormous, and if we won, we really could probably buy the place.  So, we all chipped in a buck (26 of us) and bought a ticket.  The most amazing thing happened.  We won!  Well.  We didn’t win the jackpot of $235 million, but we got five numbers without the powerball, so we won $200,000.  Sounds like a huge sum until you split it 26 ways, but it’s still more money than I’ve ever won in my life.  I’ll finish paying off my IQ, buy some new tires for the car, and have a little left to save for medical bills.  My retiree health insurance sucks, so expenses have been higher than I ever expected.  It really added some fun to the retreat, but it did not come without some of the expected squabbles that happen when there is a pot of money to be divided.  Three folks had a problem with the dividing.   It was so sad to see.  Hey – I put in a buck.  If I got two back, I’d be over the moon.  As it turns out, after taxes, I’ll probably have a whopping $5,000, but as I say, it’s more than I’ve ever won at anything and I’m just ecstatic about it.  I really wish that some folks didn’t have to be mean and pissy.  Anyway, those of us who are happy will be closer and more fun friends.  Those who aren’t happy will just have to get over themselves.  If we’re going to cry over spilt milk, we might as well cry that if we’d all put in two dollars and bought the powerplay, we’d be splitting $1 million!  But we didn’t, and we’re lucky we won anything at all.  I now need to plant my feet firmly back on the ground and get back to quilting.  People are waiting for quilts, and I’ve been slacking just a bit.

When I was about 24 years old, I had a hippie chick read my palm.  She told me I would never be rich, but would never want for the necessities in life.  It seems to be very true.  Every time I get to the point where I am nervous about money (like when I retire early and find out my medical insurance pays for almost nothing), money seems to fall in my lap.  Not an enormous amount, but enough to take the weight of the world off my shoulders.  I do lead a charmed life.


5 thoughts on “Holy smokes

    • Believe me, I’m almost worn out with the jumping! I wish that over the years, I’d been frugal enough with my money to be able to just go and blow this on something frivolous, but I am so very happy!

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