It figures!

Everyone was here for MQX last week and the weather was cold and drizzly.  I had told everyone that we usually have such nice Indian Summers in the Pacific Northwest, and I’m sure they all thought I had been lying to them (or full of it, as I usually am), but now that they’ve all gone home, the weather is spectacular.  I had to go to Portland again today to see my endocrinologist.  Since his office is up on the hill at OHSU, I stop at the Center for Health and Healing down by the freeway and take the tram up to the campus.  It’s just a lot easier than trying to drive up there.  It was such a gorgeous, sunny, and clear day that you could see Mount St Helens, Mt Hood, and just the top of Mt Baker while up in the tram.  Ozzie and I stopped at a rest area on the way back home and it was one of those wonderful fall days that makes you feel like getting back in the car and just taking off on an adventure.  Going exploring and just seeing where you end up.  Oh well.  I knew I had things I needed to get done back at the house (including getting some quilts done so I can pay the dang doctor bills), so I came home.  I’ll try and post some pictures, but I reactivated my Droid (the LG phone I got as a replacement was a nightmare) and it’s not letting me email my pictures to myself for some reason.  They’re a bit fuzzy — the Droid doesn’t have the same image stabilization my Pentax has, but they came out pretty well anyway.  Sunny, not a cloud in the sky and 74º.  What a beautiful day it was.


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